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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Starting The Search For A New Car

After long consideration, I decided it is time to go look for a new car. I have a 1996 Brick Park Avenue. I love driving the car but the number of problems with the car is to the point where is not worth fixing them.

Yesterday, while I was at the bank, I got per-approved for a car loan. I hate getting a loan for a new car but the car has been eating up all my extra money. I hope to get a car with better gas mileage. My car was been losing mileage this past year. I figure the extra a month I will be paying for the car payment will be made up in savings on gas.

I am thinking of getting a Toyota or Honda. I have wanted to get a wagon type car for a while and with my online book store, the wagon would be great help. If I go with another GM car, I will get a 2008 or older car. I have been hearing good things about Ford cars lately so will consider getting a Ford.

I will go out looking at cars this weekend. I am glad I know how much I can go up to with the new car. I do not have that worry about what the payment would be. I already know what the payment will be.

I have not fully decided yet if I will trade in the old car or sell the car for scrap metal. My friend and mentor, believes I could get more by selling the car for scrap metal so I will check into that.

The good things about this time of looking for a car for me is that I not going to have to rush because I have a car. That first couple times, I needed to have a car quickly. I have time to check out all the different cars that are out there and get the right match for my needs.

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joeh said...

Good luck, and good motoring.