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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Okay Start On My Car Hunt

I sent my weekend looking at different cars. I have not found a car that I am completely sold on at this time. One car that is the closes is a little over my price range I am looking at so I am going to pass on it. I am sure that I will find something closer to what I am looking for as time goes on. I am glad that I have the availability to walk away from the offer of the car dealer. I am hoping the car salesman are and and want to make a sale that they will call me when they get a car that may fit what I want.

I have some of my friends on the look out for some good cars for me too. With their help I am sure I can find a car that will meet my needs. I just hate to get rid of the car I have now. I was planning on waiting for Jo Anne to get here so she could be more involved in choosing the car. My car now is to the point that the things I need to fix are not worth the money. If it was not being issues of safety I would not even look for a car at this time. I have been discussing the process with her. I plan to get a second car after Jo Anne gets a job and get her driver's license here.

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Ava Harness said...

I hope you finally had your own ride, Dan. Looking for a new car at the first month of the year can be such a headache. Haha! Anyway, your friend's right to point that buying a new car is better than maintaining your old one if the upkeep's too much. It would only waste your money.

Ava @Elite Toyota