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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Hike With Joey

I have been trying to post this all week. Last weekend at my hike with my friend, Joey. I have been very busy the past few weeks. It was great to take a little time and get out into nature. My outing last Saturday with Joey helped me get my mind of all the things I have been worrying about of late.

Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Joey wanted to go hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The section where Joey wanted to go for a hike was closed due to snow. We ended up hiking a section of the Mountains to the Sea Trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway between NC Highway 191 and US Highway 25. We got onto the Parkway and headed North at the NC Highway191. We started our hike at a pull off about a mile from the from the bridge over Interstate 26.

Stream along the access trail.

One of the bridges on the trail at the being on our hike.

We took a short access trail that lead to the Mountains to the Sea Trail. We hiked the Mountains to the Sea heading back to the bridge over Interstate 26. This section runs between the Blue Ridge Parkway and what I believe is the back side of Biltmore Park. Joey and I guess the hike was about a mile and a half.

The trail ran along a long the fence for a little while.

A foot bridge over one of the creeks along the trail.

You always find something interesting if your paying attention while hiking in nature.

Hikes Along the Blue Ridge Parkway offer many great views many better then this.

The trail post sign at the end of the section we hiked.

If you can have a favorite bridge, this bridge is my favorite bridge. Ever since I was a kid, I loved seeing this bridge when traveling up to Asheville.

Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge over Interstate 26

After we did our hike Joey and I eat lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in South Asheville before heading to Weaverville and Asheville to do a little shopping. In Weaverville, we stopped at the Roses Discount Store which was a blast from the past for me. I remember when Roses had a lot more store. Hendersonville had two Roses stores before the company downsized after Wal-Mart came to Hendersonville.

Joey showed me around Weaverville since he is more familiar with the town. I wanted to take some more pictures but my camera stopped taking pictures after the ones I took at the Roses. I got a new camera on Sunday. We ended our day shopping at different stores in Asheville and talking about plans for other outings.

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