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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review of 2013

It was been two weeks since my last post. I had a busy December. I sold a lot of books in my online store and worked a lot of overtime at work. Then I have been looking for house of my own, which is going good so far.

Many of you who follow Mountain Highs and Valley Lows like to keep up with Jo Anne's Visa process. The lawyer helping us with the Visa send a status request to USCIS at the beginning of December. I received a letter from USCIS on Christmas Eve says that our Visa processing is within current processing time.

This year, my mom and I have visited to my aunt and uncle. They have moved in a nice place with great views just outside Lenoir, NC. The big draw back in it is a two hours drive to go down and see them. I am looking forward to summer when it stays light later. I hate going up Old Fort Mountain in the dark. Both my aunt and uncle have been in the hospital this year. Fortunately, they have been short stays. The last couple times I have seem my uncle, I have enjoyed seeing him talk with his first son that he had not seen in about forty years. Since, I got Family Tree Maker program of my computer and the subscription to, I decided to try to find my uncle's first son for him. I asked my uncle the information he knew on his son and ex wife. That night, I got on the internet and did my search. I found my uncle's son by ten o'clock that night. I pass the information to my aunt and uncle. My cousin looked his half brother up on Facebook and sent his a message. My uncle's first son replied and they have been talking a lot since. My uncle's first son even came down from Pennsylvania to see my uncle. I got to talk with him on Christmas Eve.

I started looking for a house to own instead of renting this mouth. It is time for me to start working on the dream of home ownership. I do not really like the place I live now but people leave my stuff alone. I just tired of see the police at my neighbors' houses and trying to get a hold of my landlord to get something fixed in my house. The house search is going good. I looked into a couple houses at this point and went to a showing this weekend to a house Jo Anne and I both love. I have been talking with the realtor helping me look about making an offer and how much to offer. She advised me to get an offer that a will feel comfortable making the monthly payments on my own. Our plan is to have my mom to move in with us too. I will decide on the offer on Thursday. I know there is two other offers at this time.

It was a very wet year here in Western North Carolina. We had around 75 inches of rain this year. Then is about 25 inches above the average for the year in the area.

I did great with my online store. I sold almost 500 books this year. I would have made a profit if I did not have to buy a new laptop and two new cameras. I spilled coffee on my old laptop. I bought a new camera because my old camera stopped working. I broke the view screen on the camera I bought to replace it. So I bought another camera. I love the latest camera which I use for my listings' pictures and the picture I share on my blogs. I am looking forward to the year ahead to even more great customers and hear the reason they buying the books I sell.  It makes me feel good when a customer thanks me for my fast shipping and the way I package the books I sell. It lets me know I am doing something right. Even the few problems let me know how I can improve my service to my customers. I have a few ideas to do to improve my store in 2014.

I am glad to see 2013 almost over now. It was a busy and with many ups and down. I look forward to the hope of a better year in 2014.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Coldest Place On Earth - NASA Finds It

Vacation plans anyone? When it is really cold where you are, you can say your glad your not here.

Dinner And A Movie With Mom

I had a enjoyable evening out with my mom this Saturday night. When I picked mom up from her work, we drove by one of the houses I am looking at in my house search. I am not completely sure about the house since it is next to a garage, but I like some of the features of the house. I am just thinking if I decide to sale the house the garage next door maybe a problem. I asked the realtor that I am working with to schedule a show for me of this house. I have some other leads to follow.

After we cleaned up from our day, we headed to Biltmore Park. We had a enjoyable dinner at a Italian Restaurant. The food was great and the service was okay. Our waiter was busy but still did a okay job of waiting our table. I am getting to the point I do enjoy going out to eat as much as I used to. It seems you pay more and more for the drinks and get less and less refills. Some restaurants give you a big plate to eat off of and the food only covers a fourth of the plate if you lucky. Fortunately, the plate issue was only a issue on the salad. The main course did fill the plate. Most Italian Restaurants leave me with the feeling I got ripped off any way. The only reason I went was because mom wanted to go there and the other restaurants had longer waiting times. I did enjoy the pizza I had and would recommend it to anyone who goes to the restaurant.

After dinner, Mom and I headed over to the movie theater and watched the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I was not disappointed in the second part of three in the Hobbit story. Peter Jackson did another great job putting the movie together. The best part of the movie is it had my two favorite characters of Gandalf the Grey and Legolas. The ending is unexpected and leaves you wanting to see the third movie. I wish I had the free money to do want I with the Lord of The Rings movies. I saw all three of they at three three times in the theater.

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Two Guys Kicking Me In My Sides!

I had a busy week this week. We had a ton of orders come in at work. Sales for the company where up last month and I guess they a up for this month too. So, I got some overtime. I would have got more overtime but I ended up going home early Wednesday night. Starting last Sunday, I started feeling the affects of a stomach virus. I sent a lot of time in the bathroom of Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday, I got so dehydrated that I feel like I had two guys standing on either side of me who would kick me every time I would move. I continue to work thought the pain to finish the orders I was working on. I left to go home on my first break.

On the way home I stopped at the store at got some juice and kefir. When I got home I did nothing but lay in bed watching videos on YouTube and drink the juice, kefir and water for five hours before the pain in my sides went away. After Wednesday, I got better each day and feel all better today.

I am glad I feel better because, I have overtime schedule all week and I have a couple appointments this week outside of work. Tuesday, I will start the process of looking for a place of my own for Jo Anne and I to live. I will have my mom move in with me too. I believe I am able to afford a place of my own now and I am getting tired of dealing with the issues you have when you are renting a place.

I am glad that I do not get sick that often and when I do my body fights the sickness off quickly. Thank God for good health.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

I follow the blog of my favorite author, Karen Hancock on her blog she shared her granddaughter’s favorite video. I enjoyed it and I figured I share it with you. The song is called The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis who are from Norway.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Photo Of The Week: We 3 Trees

The first snow fall this year was a little more then I was expecting but I welcome surprise. It made up for the ice the night before. These three trees looked to good to pass up a picture of them. The snow looked like it covered more ground in person then the picture shows.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shreddies Flatulence (Fart) Filtering Underwear

I was watching the news with my mom tonight and they had a news story about fart filtering underwear. I could find a video of the new story online but here is a video of it on Irish news.

Here is part of the commercial they showed in the news story.

I unfortunately know some people that could use a pair or two of these underwear. We all could use them after eating beans.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Photo Of The WeeK: Georgia Bulldog

They let this dawg out at the rest stop on Interstate 85 West a few miles inside Georgia near the Georgia / South Carolina line.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans!

I just want to take the time to thank you, veterans! It is because of your service to our country, I enjoy the freedoms I have.

I am thankful to our veterans when I worship in church. I am thankful to our veterans when I see someone who does not go to the same place of worship or no place of worship. We have that choice because of our veterans.

I am thankful to our veterans when I talk about issues. Rather we agree or disagree with the policies of congress or the President. We have that choice because of our veterans.

We have the choice to live, work and go to school where we want too because of our veterans. We have the choice to speak up or not when we see an injustice because of our veterans.

Thank you veterans for your service!

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan Hits The Philippines

I am glad to report the Jo Anne is safe. Typhoon hit to the south of where she lives. She got some wind and rain at your house and work. Jo Anne's work is going to have a medical mission in the area she works on Monday.

I am waiting to hear news on my sponsored child through Compassion. The worst hit areas were just to the east of where he lives. Compassion will update me on their website once that get word.

I have heard the dead toll is already at 1200 people. Many of the people in the path of the storm have lost all the own.

Please pray for the people of the Philippines as they deal with the aftermath of the storm.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Trip To See My Aunt And Uncle

Today, my mom and I headed down to Lenoir, North Carolina. It was a beautiful ride and an enjoyable day. We treated my aunt and uncle out to lunch and got them some things they needed for their new place. I enjoyed looking around the view at their place.

They are surrounded my house farms. It was some peaceful looking around outside at the horses and the view.

My aunt and uncle seem so happy to have a place of their own again. The even look healthier. The past couple year have been hard for them. We almost lost them both. Thanks to the great first responders and medical staff at the hospitals they are still here.

I was planning to go down to Commerce, Georgia tomorrow with my mom, but I have been having problem with my car. I will get it fixed later this week. I plan to go to Georgia next week. I hope it is what I believe it is. I know about the cost to get it fixed and I have the money to cover it.

My aunt has been talking about looking at the son from my uncle's first marriage. My cousin try to look but did not found any thing. Tonight, when I got back to my mom's house I did a little research on the internet with the information my aunt and uncle give me today. After, about a hour I believe I found him. I have an address. I double check the information on different resources I use on the internet and I am 100 percent sure that it is him. I will call my aunt and uncle in the morning and tell them want on found and see what they want to do next.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fall Colors 2013

I love seeing the leaves on the trees change color in the fall. The color change was a little later this year but while worth the extra wait.

These yellow and orange trees are just outside my mom's apartment.

Full orange here.

This tree was in my Photo of the Week not too long ago.

Nice mix of color here.

Color dancing between the pine trees near my home.

The trees that line the parking lot at work.

A little purple just outside the Henderson County Public Library.

Trees going into town along Four Seasons Boulevard in Hendersonville.

Soon I will be cleaning up the leaves from my yard and getting everything fully prepared for winter. The the show was great this year.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Farm Fresh '56 Chrysler

According to the sign in the window this 1956 Chrysler is "Farm Fresh." It can be yours for $2995.00.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guys Surfs Big Wave!

The guy in this video is either very brave or crazy. Okay, maybe I will go with him being both brave and crazy. I would not try a wave that big and I would like to try the sport of the kings. Surfing have come a long way from the day that only royalty in Hawaii could ride a wave. Seeing this guy ride the huge wave is impressive.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Asheville Police Officer Killed

I heart goes out to the family of Senior officer Robert Bingaman and the Asheville Police Department. All are in my prayers.

Senior officer Robert Bingaman was killed when his cruiser when off the Jeff Bowen Memorial Bridge on Interstate 240. The detail of the cause of the accident are not known at this time. His cruiser landed near Riverside drive. It is the first officer of Asheville Police Department killed in the duty in 41 years. It is always sad to hear of a fine officer dying in the service of his community. The bridge where the accident happen is named after a firefighter for the Asheville Fire Department that was killed in the line of duty a few years ago in a fire at a medical building.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking Forward To My Vacation

I have one more week of work before a have almost two weeks of vacation. After this week, I work a half day next Monday then I am on off from work until the 21st of November. I had been saving my vacation days in case Jo Anne and I got the approval for her Visa but I needed to schedule my vacation days before the end of the year and the days were filling up.

I am planning to take a couple day trips to get out of town a little. I am also planning to use the time off to get more of my books list on my store on eBay, Dan the Mountain's Emporium. I am also wanting to start working on a project for my website which I have not done really anything with for the past couple years. I hope to be good at posting on Mountains Highs and Valley Lows while off from my job.

At this point, the part of my vacation I am looking forward to the most is going down the mountain with my mom to visit my aunt and uncle. They just moved into their new house. My aunt seems so happy now. They have been staying at one cousins house for the past several months after leaving leaving the place they lived for some 15 or so years. They were renting to own and the landlord was doing some shady things. Mom and I plan to take a house warming gift down to them when we go to visit. They are almost starting completely over with things for the house.

Some of the other places I plan to go are to the Outlet Stores in Commerce, Georgia, look around Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina and one of my friends wants to take me somewhere on his day off. I have not had a chance to really travel at all this year. I feel like I have been so busy at work or with my book store or being sick. I love to travel. Jo Anne and I plan to do as much traveling as we can when she gets here.

I am looking so forward to my vacation so I am hopefully relax a little. I hope I can enjoy a little shopping too. I hope this week at work goes by quickly.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ohio State Marching Band "Michael Jackson Tribute"

I was in marching band is high school. I love watching marching band preform. Doing the formation on the field takes a lot of work. I came across this video which share two of my favorite things in music, Micheal Jackson and marching bands. My favorite part is the moon-walking part.

Great job Ohio State Marching Band!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Growing Up On John Denver

I was flipping through the channels on the television channels Saturday night. I can across a John Denver concert that PBS was airing. My grandfather had a John Denver cassette tape of another John Denver concert that I would tape a lot when I was young. I do not know what happen to the cassette tape but I did but a CD copy on the concert several years ago. Seeing the concert and hearing the songs last night brought back some great memories of time with my grandmother and grandfather.

Anne's Song

Grandma's Feather Bed

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Window 8.1 is here!

When I got my new laptop it had Windows 8 on it. I hated it. It seemed that I had to go through one or two extra steps to do things I could do on previous versions of Windows.

Microsoft released Window 8.1 this week and it is free for Windows 8 users. I have downloaded it and have been setting it up and playing around a little. Some of the feature I like in Windows 8.1 is the start button is back, you can setup you computer to startup on the desktop not the start page, and have the same back ground picture for your start page and desktop.

I love having the start button it at least give you the feeling that you have one place to go to get the things you are looking for. With Windows 8, I felt I had to go looking to everything I wanted to do. Figuring where to start your search a pain sometimes. If you wanted to do one thing you needed to start here and another thing you needed to start in a different place. Pick to wrong spot to start your search you are just wasting your time. With Windows 8.1 you can do a lot using the start button by right or left clicking on the start button.

I like starting my computer on my desktop. I did not like Windows 8 since you had to start on the start page. With Windows 8.1, you and setup your computer to start on your desktop or the start page. Starting on my desktop helped me because most on the things I do on my laptop is on the desktop. Hey I am on a computer not a cell phone.

I like that I can have the same picture on my desktop and start page. This makes the switching from the Start Page and the Desktop feel more smoother. I am not sure if you could do this with Windows 8 but I glad I have it setup on Windows 8.1. I learned about this feature on Kim Komando's website.

I am still checking Windows 8.1 and I like it. The changes that Microsoft made took care of most on the issues I had with Windows 8 or at least easier to deal with those issue. The little I have been using Windows 8.1 has made me feel like the computer is helping me do my work on the computer not fighting against me like Windows 8 made me feel. For those of you still using Windows XP, Windows XP's end-of-life date is April 8, 2014. Microsoft will not provide updates after that date. I believe updating to Windows 8.1 will be a great option now.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Fire Tree

I have been watching the leaves on the trees slow turn different colors over the past couple weeks. We are not at our peak yet here is Western North Carolina. I like how this tree is changing colors. The red leaves make it look like the tree is on fire.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Shut Down? Shut up!

The government maybe shut down but Bryson City in Western North Carolina just out the Great Smokey National Park would like you to know they are open and have many things to do. I enjoy the many activities in the area in and around Bryson City. Enjoy this video.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday Musing: My Boloney Has A First Name!

This is my adaptation of Oscar Mayer bologna song.

My Boloney has a First Name!

my boloney has a first name its J-O-H-N
my boloney has a second name its B-O-E-H-N-E-R
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


my boloney has a first name its N-A-N-C-Y
my boloney has a second name its P-E-L-O-S-I
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


my boloney has a first name its H-A-R-R-Y
my boloney has a second name its R-E-I-D
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


my boloney has a first name its J-O-H-N
my boloney has a second name its M-C-C-A-I-N
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


my boloney has a first name its L-I-N-D-S-E-Y
my boloney has a second name its G-R-A-H-A-M
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


my boloney has a first name its B-A-R-A-C-K
my boloney has a second name its O-B-A-M-A
oh They say it every day and if you ask me why I'll ssaaaayyy


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Some Much To Do So Little Time!

I am in one of those times in life where I am doing a lot of things but feel like I am getting very little done. If you have been following Mountain Highs and Valley Lows would a while you know about the Visa process, my online store and I also work a full time job. I guess they have been the topics I have talked the most about lately on the Blog. I do have other things going on in my life that I do not share about here that much. Here lately it seems like everything is happening all at once at times.

This summer, I got to work a lot of overtime at work. I thank God for the extra money that provided. It has helped with the Money needed in the Visa process and I have been able to help some family and friends with the money. It looks like the overtime is slowing down know. Which is normal for this time of year add we have a full crew at work with everyone back from help at one of the other warehouses in the company.

I hope to focus in getting more books listed online too. This summer, I feel like I have been too tired to do any thing or sick on my days off. I still have about 90 boxes of books in my house to go through and list online. I have been doing good with my sales and enjoy reading the great feedback I have gotten from my customers.

I have been helping my mom out a lot this year. Since she wreaked her car last year, I have been taking she to work and some days picking her up from work and bring her back home. My oldest sister was helping for a little bit but, she is off trying to get things straighten out in her life right now. I love my family but it is amazing the person you love do cause the most stress in your life. Mom wants to get a new car if she can get the money saved up for one. We have been working on getting her health insurance. We have an appointment Monday afternoon to sign up for insurance that covers the things Medicare does not cover. It is a lot of information to go over and so little time to focus on it. I am glad my family has a trusted family we can go to for advice on insurance.

While we are waiting on the approval of Jo Anne's Visa. Jo Anne and I have been talking about our plans for when she gets here. I am starting to work on finding a better place to live then the place I live now. It is an okay place to live but it is getting to the point it not going to fill the needs of Jo Anne and me.

I have managed to take a little time to do some work around the house for myself in the past two weeks. I still need to take a day to do a full cleaning on the yard. I hope I can get to doing it before my vacation in November. I am also overdue for a haircut. Every time I plan to call my friend who does my hair, I get busy doing something else that comes up. Once I get an appointment setup getting a haircut will not be a problem. I do have a thing about who I let cut my hair.

When I do sit down and think about things, I am doing a lot and getting a lot done. I just have a lot going on right now and that is the reason I feel I am not getting much done. the list seems to be getting longer then shorter.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Photo Of Lincoln Discovered

An Assistant Professor at UNC Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina has found a new picture of President Lincoln. The picture is of President Lincoln just before he made the Gettysburg Address. Christopher Oakley is the first person is 61 years to find a new picture of the sixteenth President of the United States f America. Check out the story below. New Photo Of Lincoln Discovered - WLOS News13 - Top Stories

Friday, September 13, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Squirrel Eats Chip

This squirrel managed to get a chip we missed while we were cleaning up after our panic on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Out On The Web: National September 11 Memorial

Where it being the twelfth anniversary of the terror attacks here in the United States. I thought it would be good to share the web site for the National September 11 Memorial. On the web site you can get information about the memorial and museum, plan a visit and share your remembrance about September 11, 2001. May we never forget.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom's Surprise Party

This past week was just what I needed. I got some time to rest and relax. I got a little something for myself too.

Saturday, I enjoyed my morning talked with my Love, Jo Anne. It has been stressing being away from her lately with her being sick. I hate not being able to take care of her when she is sick. We are hoping to get the approval this month. It sucks having issues to work out with the government, especially when it should not be as big of an issues as the government is making it. We have no doubt we will work it all out and be together soon.

After talking with Jo Anne, I headed to the Henderson County Friends of the Library Book Sale on the other side of town. This was the first weekend and I normally get books for my personal library on this weekend but I did not see any books on my must have list. I have not decided if I will buy some books this year for my online store or not. I still have a ton of books I need to get working on listing.

I finished my Saturday by heading up to the discount shoe store in Asheville, North Carolina. I wanted to get a new pair of mocs. The pair I liked my most did not feel comfortable when I tried them on and walked around a little. I looked around some more and decided on another pair I liked and try them and and loved how they felt as I walked around. These were the first shoes I got for myself other then work shoes in five years. I also looked at the work shoes there too. I need to get a new pair of work shoes too. I want to look around a little more on them.

Sunday, I woke to go to church but fell back asleep before get up. I hate missing church. My week seems to go better when I start it by going to church. When I did get up, I helped my sister to prepare everything for the picnic her and my aunt planned as a surprise birthday party for my mom. My sister left to head out to Mills River to get setup and meet my aunt and uncle, while I picked up my mom and my friend, Seth. When I was growing up, we would go out to Mills River several times a year. It has been a long time since we have gone out there as a family. My niece and nephews enjoy themselves while we were there. My dog, Rayna, got in the water with no problem. I wish I could take her out more. She stay with us the whole time and not run off. While I was cooking she lay down and waited for me to finish.

After we eat and played in the water, we headed before to my mom's house and had the cake. Mom enjoyed her surprise party and seeing her sister.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ice Minimum Video

I love seeing had the planet Earth works. Here is a video from NASA on this years ice melt to the annual "minimum" in the Arctic Ocean. It is amazing that ice covers this part of the Earth each year and melts again.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Star Trek as The A-Team

I found this great video on You Tube. Great mix of two great shows. This is the A-Team's Theme Song with the Star Trek characters.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peanut Butter In Space

Here is a short video from NASA with two astronauts talking about peanut butter in space.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fixing Mom's TV

Me had a thunderstorm on Monday night and my mom's digital antenna stopped working. On Tuesday, I try to get it working by reprogramming the channels. That did not work at all. On my way home Tuesday night, I stopped at Wal~Mart and brought a new digit antenna for mom. While I was looking at the different antenna available I saw they have a convertor box too. I have not seen the convertor boxes in the stores since all the television stations switched to all digital signals. While on Wednesday, I go to mom's house and hook up the new antenna. I tried programming the channels and nothing. Remembering the convertor box, I heading to Wal~mart and brought mom a new convertor box. I got it hooked and did the channel programming and got 13 channels. After I adjusted the antenna a little, I ran the add channel programming and all the rest of the channels I got on the old convertor box. I looked through the channels and got clean signal on them all and did not have to move the antenna. With the old convertor box and antenna, we would have to move the antenna around when we changed some channels. I am very happy the the convertor box and antenna. They are both made by RCA, which I do not see many product any more by RCA. Now mom is happy to have her television working again. I am happy that I can watch the travel and cooking show on PBS again. Maybe I should do a post on them.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Out On The Web: Life Of A Stranger Who Stole My Phone

Okay, I did not have my phone stolen but this is what one girl did when she had her phone stolen. A girl goes to Spain on vacation. While at the beach her phone gets stolen. The guy who ends up with the phone starts taking pictures which are automatically unloaded to the girl's Dropbox account. She take the pictures and starts posting them on a Blog. Enjoy the Life of a stranger who stole my Phone. After you visit this Blog you will want to follow it. See the wonderful of the guy who has this girl's phone.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Improving My Online Store

With my online store I try to provide the best service for my customers. Right now I'm in the process of getting new bookshelves to store the books I have listed in my store. Already has helped me find books faster with the new shelves. I plan to get maybe 3 or 4 more shells for my book store. If I have any extra hillside road list of books that I have listed on the bookshelf I plan on getting some more for this books that I have before I would be for a list of them. Currently only have 450 books listed but I probably have about 3000 or so books waiting to be listed.

The new book shelves are part of an organization plan that I have to help me to be more efficient with my books. I hope it will help me ship them faster and list to them online faster.

I started selling the books online to help me get extra money with Jo Anne's Visa process. After she gets here we are talking about making the books another income stream for us and to do different ministry ideas we have. Our big dream is to help people in the Philippines find ways out of the extreme poverty. My friend and mentor, Keith, did a profit projection sheet for me using some of my sales figures. I really need to work on getting more of my books listed. I have some good books left to list that I am sure we sell quickly after I list them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 More Ways God Wants You To Rest

I talked about having trouble sleeping earlier this week. I have been lucky the my sister has been taking my mom to work in the morning this week. I have been able to get more rest this week. I have been sleeping better. I would like to share with you a post on rest on Compassion Blog. God wants us to take time to rest and recharge ourselves. Please take the time to read this post.

5 More Ways God Wants You To Rest

Photo Of The Week: Bear Back Riding

Thursday, July 25, 2013

NSA Phone Metadata First Used To Target And Kill Afghans; Same Data Now ...

Here is a video from David Seaman to give you some to think about and I hope start looking for more information.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hard Time Sleeping

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping over the past month. I have been busy with work, trying to work on the my online books store and helping my mother out. I seem to always be doing something and do not have enough time to do everything I need to do. When I get home from work early in the morning I take a little time to relax. I lay out the books I sold that evening to prepare them for shipping in the morning and talk with Jo Anne. I normally get to sleep between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning only to get up at 8:45 in the morning to go take my mom to work. When I get back home from taking mom to work I take some time to talk with Jo Anne a little before she takes her sleep. I try to take an hour or two more of sleep before getting ready for my day and doing some running before I need to head to work. Weekends seem to be even more busy even if I have Saturday off, trying to do all the house work.

Over the past few week I seems to have been sleeping less. It has been taking me longer to get to sleep. I afraid to take a sleeping aid because I need to get up early to take mom to work. Some days I think about just staying up after taking mom to work just so I will crash when I get home after work the next night. A couple Saturday night I do not sleep very much at all. I worry about getting things done that I need to done at home and for my mom. That is on top of worrying about Jo Anne's Visa Processing which is a hassle. Need to get more books posted online in order to sale them. I am glad that I have been selling pretty good. I have been working on trying to get some books shelves to store my books better.

I would like to post more on here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows but I end up sleeping during the times I plan to use to work on my post. I have a couple post outlined and just need to typing them up and post them. I have a couple ideas for my Photo Of The Week too. I need to make time to go to the right places to take the pictures. I would like to thank The Crank old man for the link to Mountain Highs and Lows. You can visit his Blog at Thank all of you for coming from his Blog to visit mine and Jo Anne's Blog. I normally post a Photo Of The Week on Fridays. I am sorry I miss this last week. Should have a good one this coming Friday/

Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Woodmen Water Fountain

Joseph Cullen Root died near where this water-fountain stands today in Hendersonville, North Carolina on December 24, 1913. Mr. Root was found of the Woodmen of the World and was founder and or member of many other fraternal societies.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sad Dog Diary!

Here is a good video for all us dog lovers out there! Makes you wonder if this is want dog really think.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Funny Fresh Prince farm parody

I like watching the show, the Fresh Prince when I was younger. My favorite part of the show was the opening song for the show. I have watched this Funny Fresh Prince farm parody video a couple times over the past couple days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Compost Pile Coming Along

Since, I moved into the place I am living I have not had much grass in the yard. Over the pass couple years now I have been doing compost piles to create soil for the yard. After I get I good layer nice rich top soil I pain I putting some grass seed and maybe some flowers down make the yard look better. This morning I adding more food waste, coffee grounds, and shredded paper while I turn the pile. This pile is turned out to been my best compost pile yet. The dirt is rich black color. I even drug down I little last night into the pile and felt the heat inside. In my reading about composting that is a good sign. I am trying to decide if I will add to this compost pile through the summer or start working on another pile. I believe I have enough yard waste in the yard to start working on another compost pile now. I will start another compost in the fall when the leaves start falling off the trees. Either way I continue to involve on my compost making skills. Yard work never seems to end.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Visiting My Brother Steven

Today, my mom and I head to my brother, Steven's house to visit him. We enjoyed our visit talking and watching the birds and the ground-hog play in the field. We talked with Steven about celebrating his and his girlfriend, Velma's birth in July. Velma was taking a nap when we were there today. I am sure Steven and Velma will enjoy the buffet we plan to take them to since them do not get out much. My sister, Lisa, and her boyfriend came over for a few minutes.

Mom and Steven

Lisa and her boyfriend, Scott

The Ground-Hog

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Working!

This past weekend was the first Sunday, I have worked since starting my job at the warehouse. We have been working overtime each week for several weeks now. Last week and now this week weeks are getting lots of orders in the system. The tornadoes are part of the reason we are so busy and we are coming up on a price change on the products my company sells coming up later this month.

One of the things, I like about my job is that I work Monday thru Friday with the a Saturday once in awhile. I love having Sunday off for church and rest. I decided to volunteer to work the Sunday when They offered it because I get paid double time on Sundays. I am not planning to work the next Sunday if any come up because it is a little much on the body to work the weeks straight through. The extra money will help with the seemingly endless government and lawyer's fees with Jo Anne's Visa. We are praying we get the approval this round. I ask you guys to continue to pray for Jon Anne and I and that the issues holding the Visa back will resolve soon.

I am also having a good month so far with my online book store. I have sold 16 books already this month. I believe, I while set a new sales record this month. My best best right now is 58 books. I enjoy reading the great feedback I get from my books selling. Working all last weekend left no time to prepare more books for listing but I am sure I will get lots posted this weekend and next week.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Bird In Tree

I have been trying to see how the zoom works. Finding the bird in the view finder was the hardest part.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Finally, I Got A Smart Phone!

Yesterday, while doing my running for the day, I stopped a the cell phone store to upgrade my phone. For those of you who have been following, Mountain Highs and Valley Lows for awhile you know I have had some bad luck with phones in the past. I qualified for an upgrade on Sunday. The past few days, I have been looking at different and packages. After much thinking, I decide to go with a smart phone and add a data plan to my package. I upgraded my package to unlimited text and talk and added the data plan and came out only adding $20 to $25 to my monthly bill.

The thing that is the most important thing is for Yahoo Instant Messenger to work on my phone. It is Jo Anne and my main way of communicating with one another. We both have had problems with Yahoo Instant Messenger not working right. So far it seems to be working good.

I plan to use the new features and data plan to help with my online store. I am able to check my email anytime now. I plan to used my laptop off on the hot spot made by my phone in better work on my listings at my mom's house. I am hoping it will help me get more books listed then the way I have been doing my listings.

I things go as plan I hope to have a little more time to post more stuff on Mountain Highs and Vally Lows. I am looking into the Blogger app for my cell phone. I know the phone will make it easier to do research on things, I want to blog about as I am visiting different places I post about on my Blogs. My friend Joey and I are planning to do a little hike sometime in the next few weeks. I have a cemetery to try to locate in the area we will travel on that day.

While we will see if my new phone opens a new world for me or just more heartache of broken broke phones. I am hoping for the new world. It will me things posted here more interesting.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Pink Roses For My Love!

Jo Anne loves flowers so I do try to take pictures of flowers when I can. I love look at these roses near my mom's house.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Cool Video Of The Auroras Over Michigan

It is amazing the things God put into nature for us. The Auroras is God's light show for us. This is a really cool video of the auroras over Michigan. Cool way of showing the atmosphere is protecting us from the solar winds.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Earworms and Random Songs!

Over the past few years, I have have an ear-worm that mostly hits me while I am at work. An ear-worm is a song you get stuck in your head and can not get it out. My ear-worm is Flowers on the Wall by the Statler Brothers. It makes me think of my grandmother who loved listening to the Statler Brothers. I do not know what started it off since my grandmother pass away 14 years ago and I have not listened much to the Statler Brothers since then.

I also get in the mood to sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot sometimes at random. This one reminds me of summer camp when I was young. The head counselor liked Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Here is a video of Johnny Cash singing it.

What are some ear-worms you have had?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Interesting Names Of Towns

I work at a warehouse where I pack orders and I sell books online too. With both I get to see the name of a lot of places. Seeing some of the name gave me an idea to put a list of names of towns. The following are names of real towns or villages with my witty comments.

Bad Axe, Michigan ~ I think I have a headache!

Bat Cave, North Carolina ~ Just down the road from me and I am still waiting to see Batman and Robin.

Boogertown, North Carolina ~ Now you know where to put it when you pick your nose!

Deadhorse, Alaska ~ Are you thinking what I am thinking, someone left the house outside on a winter's night.

Hurricane, Utah ~ I have some Hurricane Insurance to sell you here. The last hurricane to hit this town was a big one.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania ~ I heard it is a great place to buy a bed.

Blue Ball, Pennsylvania ~ Let go play some dodge ball. Maybe it is even funnier because in is near Intercourse for you people with dirty minds.

Lizard Lick, North Carolina ~ Makes you wonder what they are really doing in Raleigh.

Painted Post, New York ~ How often do they paint the post?

Poor Town, North Carolina ~ Yep they all paid their taxes!

If you like these, I may share some more but do town names in themes.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

My Laptop Wanted A Drink Of Coffee

I had a a couple post planned to do last weekend. Saturday morning, I was getting ready to talk with Jo Anne on Skype some we could see one another on webcam. I had my coffee sitting on the table. I knocked the coffee cup over right on to my laptop. My keyboard got messed up and I think a little got on the insides. After checking to see how much it would cost to get it fixed, I decided to just get a new laptop. I have been working on setting up the new laptop all week. I can still get on the old laptop and email files I need on the new laptop from my old one.

I like the speed of the new laptop and some of the other features but I am not impressed with Windows 8. I feel like I have to go through at least three steps to do things I could do in one step on earlier versions of Windows. There are things flying all over the screen. If I get into a program from the start page, I see not way of closing the program when done. I am glad they still have the desktop and I am setting it up with the programs I need. I just try to avoid the start page apps and go to the desktop.

I have given myself some new rules to follow with my new laptop.

  • No drinks near the laptop.
  • No foods that you eat with liquids. (i.e. cereal)

I am looking at getting a case to keep my laptop in too. I have been carrying my laptop in a old book bag. I still need a case for my new camera which I love even more as I learn the new features on it. Buying the new laptop has set back my plan for getting a tripod for my camera but I am still looking around at different ones.

With the new camera and laptop, I hope to make a little more time for my blogs. I am planning to take a day trip with one of my friends to see the towns of Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina. I hope to take some for pictures for my Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments blog. Of course, I will have a post here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows on the trip.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Bunny In The Grass

I saw this bunny rabbit in a yard while on a walk with a friend. It gave me a chance to try out the zoom. I am very happy with how it turned turn.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Food Journey: Extraordinarily Detailed Coffee Art

This was a featured video in an email I received from Kim Komando called Extraordinarily detailed coffee art. I have seen people do this in person but not at this scale. I have seen in do with beer too. This video is for all you coffee lovers. Get your coffee ready and watch the video as you drink your coffee.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Food Journey: Blue Cheese On Whole Wheat Crackers

One quick snack, I enjoy having is blue cheese on whole wheat crackers. It is a simple snack but taste great. Blue cheese have an earth taste that I enjoy. Blue cheese is know for blue veins of mold that runs through the cheese. Sometimes, I will get some Gorgonzola cheese which is another type of blue cheese which has a more potent taste.

I hope you give this quick and simple snack idea. Try different types of blue cheese. Some have a mild taste, while other are more potent.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

George Beverly Shea Dies at 104

I grew up listening to George Beverly Shea singing at Billy Graham events through the years. George was one of my heroes alone with Billy Graham. God have called him home and he is singing in heaven now. I praise the Lord for the treasure that George Beverly Shea was and the great example he was. Remembering George Beverly Shea - WLOS ABC13 - Top Stories

Inspirational 91-year-old shoemaker

I enjoyed this video about an inspirational 91-year-old shoemaker in Brooklyn, New York. I hope I can still work if I live to the age of 91.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bad Luck With This Camera!

While around the beginning of the year my old camera stopped taking pictures. After shopping around a little, I brought a new camera. I was back in business. So far, I have dropped this new camera in a mud puddle and dropped it several other time. I am glad to say I got the camera back to working good after leaving it in rice for a couple days with the lose of only one picture. That was two weeks ago now. This this week, I forgot I had my camera in my pocket and took it into work with me. Nothing to worry about there if I do not take it out. First break comes around and I was going to take my camera out to my car. I put my knife in the same pocket and it got pushed up next to my camera. When I took my camera out the preview screen was broke. It still takes pictures but it is hard to know what the picture look like until I load them on my computer.

I will continue to use the camera but, I am looking at getting another camera. I am thinking of getting a refurbished camera from Sony. I am hoping that since it comes from the factory that it will be okay. The camera will have a 16X optical zoom. That should help me get better pictures to share here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. I will order the new camera tonight or in the morning.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time For Spring Cleaning

With the arrival of spring it is time to start the spring cleaning. I have already starting on doing a little extra cleaning in the house and a little yard work.

They are building new apartments in behind my house. I feel like I am cleaning out cobwebs in my bedroom and hallway more. It is almost like they reappear as soon as I take them down. I have swept and mopped the hallway and put two plastic shelves up for the books in my online store. Less room now in the hallway but I can still get through with no problems. I have straighten the boxes for my book store once again. I did not realize I had that many boxes for shipping my books. I hope my sales continue to go up. With the work I done in the kitchen and living room, I seem to have a little more room for the time being. That is until I get more books to sell. Today is the first time I turned on the air condition. I checked the filter which was still clean from my fall cleaning. I will check and clean the filter once a week and every other week depending on the dust.

Out in the yard I have been picking up trash and sticks little by little. I do not know where some much trash comes from since I stay inside most of the time. I need to take a and do a full cleaning around my yard. This past weekend, I refreshed the munch at the bottom of the front steps. I got the bag of munch when I got the new light switch for my front punch light. While working on the light switch I discovered one of my breakers is broke. I will have my friend and mentor come work on that. I trust his work more then mine or any one my landlord would get to fix it. I am still waiting for my land lord to fix the mud puddle problem I have in my parking spot. I am thinking of ways I can fix it myself. I am tried of getting out of my car and stepping into 3 inches of water when it rains. If I fix it my self I will give my landlord the bill. I am trying to decide if I will just plant grass in the yard or plant a little garden too.

The problem with spring cleaning is the list of things to clean seems to get longer as you start cleaning. I think I could take I whole week off and do nothing but clean and still not be done with the cleaning. While I will just continue to do a little each day. Maybe...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

This Made Me Miss The 80s

Valerie posted this video on her blog at A Mixed Bag: Saturday Special: Remember these? It made me laugh and miss the 1980s.

I still do not own an iPod. I do remember most of the things in the video.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Of The Week: Tree Hugs Saw

I was at a friend's house when I saw this tree hugging the saw. No there is not plans to cut the tree. My friend is doing some work near the tree and the tree is being kind enough to hold the saw for him. Maybe it is just one of those strange true love relationships!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crap I Dropped My Camera!

I was out yesterday helping a friend get to an appointment on the other side of town. I had my camera with me. I am always looking for a picture to take and share here on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows for the Photo Of the Week on Fridays. I took a really cool picture at my friend's house for this week's picture.

When I got home and got out of my car, I looked down and there was my camera on the ground next to a mud puddle. The camera was not in the puddle but had a little water on it, so I thought everything was okay. I when inside and wiped the camera off and turned in on to get the picture off for the blog. Everything was working go at first then the camera started acting up. I was not able to get my pictures off the camera. Great I thought, I am going to have to get a new camera. The camera is important to me since I use it mostly for my Online Book Store.I turned it off and wiped it off some more and wrapped it in toilet paper while I when to work. I checked it when I got home it was working better and I was able to get the pictures off. It started to mess up again. I stuffed and wrapped it with toilet paper again for the night. I got some rice from my mom's house today and have it sitting in the rice. I guess I will leave it in the rice until Saturday after I get off on work and need to work on my books. I hope this rice things does the trick and I do not need to get a new camera. I just got this one in January.

Make sure you check out the Photo of the Week tomorrow morning. I am sure you will like it.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Of The WeeK: Spring Snow

Some of the Snow melt already but this was the biggest snow we got in Hendersonville this winter. While the biggest snows I remember have been in March or April.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey, Where Is My Power?

When I got home Monday night from work, my power was off at my house. With no lights in my house I made my way through the house to the breaker box with only the light from my cell phone. It was cloudy with no moon light to come in the windows at 1 in the morning Tuesday. It was pitch black in my house with no lights on. I checked the breakers and everything was on. Okay, I paid my power bill. I made my way back through my house to where I keep my bills. I looked for my power bill to get the number for the power company. I could not find it. I decided to gather up a couple things and head to mom's house to sleep and call the power company in the morning.

After taking mom to work, I headed back home in the morning. As soon as got in my house I found my power bill right on top the stack. I called Duke Energy and reported the power being out. I hate automated systems but I did get a call back within a few minutes from Duke Energy. The guy had me check a couple things and said they would send someone out to check on my power. I asked when I could expect my power to be back on. He said by the end of the day.

I headed back to mom's house and took some more rest and had my breakfast. After I slept some more, I headed back to my house. I wanted to be home when the power can on because I had five books to ship out. Around 1 PM, the guy from the power company arrived. I showed him where my meter was. He checked it and told me I had be bolted out for nonpayment. I told him that I paid my bill and the guy who cut the power must met to cut my neighbor's power. The power meter is one the same pole as my neighbor's power meter. My neighbor has gone to Oklahoma to look for work. The guy from the power company called his supervisor and checked about my power. After his supervisor said I was okay, he turned my power back on.

It was good to have my power back on. Even with the issues I have with Duke Energy, I have to say that in my experience they are quick in turning the power back on after storms and other power outages and they have always given me good customer service. I got back inside and got the book ready to ship for my customers. I dropped them off at the mail processing center on my way to work. People make mistakes. It is not the mistakes that doom a business or a person. It is how they correct the mistake. Good customer service goes a long way in smoothing bad feeling when a mistake or mishap happens even when there is nothing you can do the fix that mistake.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Happy St. Patrick's Day

This has been an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day. I missed church this morning. After I took my mother to work and got my breakfast at Burger King, I went home to get ready for church. I laid down to rest for a few minutes. The next thing, I remember is waking up to see it was 11:30. Church service would be over by the time I get to the church. I hate missing church, my week seems to go better when I start my week going to church.

I got up and checked my email. I sold another book. This week has been I good week for book sales. I am glad to see that I bring enjoyment to people's lives with the books I sell. Reading the great feedback is great. The seeing people returning to buy more books from me is even better. Jo Anne and I have been praying that my books sales continue to improve since them are one way we are paying for the process of getting her here. We plan to use the extra money to help people improve their lives after most of our immigration process in over. We still plan to start a ministry to help people in the Philippines to provide for themselves and improve their lives. Part of our plan is to open a store here in the states which will help people with jobs here.

I spent my afternoon working on my books and listen to Celtic music on The music was very relaxing while I was organizing my books. I needed to make some room since I have over 100 boxes of books, I need to work through and get posted online to sell. My newest supplier has been a good source of books for me. I got another 63 boxes this week that is with out me really making a dent in the over 20 boxes of book in the last boxes I got from her. The good thing is the book have been selling. I even sold a few books this week with in a couple hours of posting them in my store.

With it being St. Patrick's Day, I did wear a green shirt. I keep planning to get a full outfit of green to wear for St. Patrick's Day. This year, I just got busy with other things. Along with listen to the Irish music I watched a couple videos online about St. Patrick. I found this video that gives a little history about St. Patrick.