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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Everyone!

While Christmas Day is finally here! This is the day that Christians around the world celebrate the born of Jesus, the Savior of the World.

This Christmas season has been a hard time for Jo Anne and I. Both of us miss one another very much. We are making our plans for our first Christmas together next year. We have faith that God will work things out for Jo Anne's Visa to be approved soon.

A long with missing my Love, I have been thinking of my grandparents. My grandmother loved Christmas a lot. Both my grandmother and grandfather, even with the limited money they had always made Christmas special for me. I have not decorated where I live much since my grandparents passed away. I plan to decorate the house all out when Jo Anne gets here. I want to make Christmas special for her and our family every year.

This Christmas season has also been hard due to sickness. I have been sick a couple times since Thanksgiving. I am glad that I have not missed a day of work. I am happy that I feel a lot better now. The past couple days off from work and the rest I was able to get was so good. I feel healthy and rested now.

Even with these times where the world is falling apart, Christmas reminds we what my hope is in. My hope is not in the processions I have or the leaders of this world. I put my hope in the promises of God and he has never fail me. He has provided for all my needs and given me family and friends the love me and support me in the hard times of life.

This year has been hard for many people. There has been storms, acts of evil, sickness. Many of us have love ones that are many miles away or have left this life. Our hearts and minds cry out for them. We do not know the things that will come tomorrow. But, this Christmas I hope you will join me and put our worries aside and focus of the promises of God. Remember the true reason for Christmas is this is the Day we celebrate the day God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins so me can become holy in the eyes of God.

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