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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fall Cleaning

When you live by yourself you can get behind on the house work quickly. I have been so busy lately I have not been able to cleaning as I would have liked. Today, I started my fall cleaning and organizing my house. I have been wanting to better organize the living room to do things for my online store.

I am halfway done with the cleaning and organizing. I got the major moving around done so I can do a little more cleaning each day. I am hoping with the new setup in the living room it will be easier to do my regular cleaning. Part of the fall cleaning is putting up the plastic on the window which I hope to get done Sunday afternoon. I have done the plastic on the windows the past two winters and it cuts the drafts down a lot.

This year, I got some bubble wrap out of the recycle bin at work and stuff in in the hole above the heater that does not work. I just have been losing a lot of heat out on it because I have been running my heaters on lower setting on the cold nights. I am sure with both the hole and the windows done, I will be nice and warm when the really cold temperatures come.

The fall cleaning will take me several days to do the sweeping and the mopping of the floors. I have already cleaned out the refrigerator. I have the most the sweeping done in the kitchen and living room. Once done with them, I will do my bedroom and hallway. The last will be my storage room.

I hope I can keep going with the cleaning and organizing until I get it all finished. Living by yourself has its good side but having to do all the cleanig just sucks. I will feel better when I get done.

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