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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Books, Books, And More Books!

While I have a new supplier of books for my online store. On Sunday and today, I got around 60 boxes of books to sell. My new supplier seems to be more dependable then my first one which I am not sure what is going on with her business.

How I need to go through the boxes and start posting the books on eBay. I continue to get good feedback on the books I sell. I plan to keep that up. I try to describe and take pictures of the books so people know just what they are buying. I take great care in how I ship the books.

My sales seem to come in surges. I will go while week or so with very few sales and then I will have a couple days that I sell several books a day. I enjoy selling the books even with not making much money at this point. But I am starting to sell more and more of my higher priced books which are still offered at bargain.

I hope the sale continue to pickup because I started selling books online in-order to make a little money to help with the cost of getting Jo Anne here. Once Jo Anne is here and we can focus on other things, Jo Anne and I plan to use the money to help improve the lives of others.

I was able to buy the books due to getting some overtime at work. Unfortunately, I have been sick and not been able to list them online as fast as I would like too. I am feeling better now and hope to get working on the listings. I have four days off this weekend which I plan to work on posting more books online.

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