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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Time To Get To Work

My Fellow Americans,

Now with the election is over. Nothing has changed in Washington. No matter what happens in the next four years. President Obama will enjoy playing golf after he leaves office. Many in congress will still be in office, out on the gold course with President Obama, or both. What is know is that them will still be getting pay by the American Tax Payer.

Now both houses of congress need to work together and come up with a budget which they have not done in at least three years. Once we have a budget, we need to go through all government programs and see what is working and what is not working. We need to keep the programs work. They change the programs that are not working, so they work or just replace then with a program that works. Not just throw more money in the programs that do not money. The federal government does not have a income problem, it has a spending problem. Both parties are spending money we do not have to get get reelected not spending money to improve the lives of the American people. We need to make spending cuts and maybe raising some taxes. If we raise tax it should not be only one one group of one but shared by all the people.

We the people have a lot to do too. It is not just the responsibility of our elected officials to make it to where all people can share in the greatness the is the United States. We need to make sure that our representatives in government are doing their job. We need to take care of yourselves and and our fellow countrymen. We can not expect the government to do everything for us. The government can not solve all our problems. Some problems can only be solved by us working them out ourselves. I encourage you to start your own business, help a neighbor or family member in need and look for ways to improve your life and the lives of the people around you.

We do have hard times ahead of us and hard choices to make. We can see brighter days by all of us working together from the president all the way down to the poorest of the poor. Now lets work out our differences and focus on the thing we have in common, we are all Americans.

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