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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Voted How About You!

While Election Day is finally here. I just got back from doing my duty is an American. I hope everyone who has not voted gets out today and votes. I pray that who ever win does what is best for the country that I love.

It was good to see the poling place where I vote busy. Since I have to work tonight, it will be late tonight before I get to see all the results of the elections. I am sure I will here about the Presidential race. I am also interested in who wins the governor's race here in North Carolina and the United States House of Representatives. I may go out to my car on the dinner break to listen to the radio for the results.

On my way to vote, I pickup one of my friends so he could vote today. Things went smoothly with the check-in and voting. For the next election, I need to do a better job at researching the judges running. I knew a lot of the names and have met a few. I voted for the ones I thought would do the best job.

I hope with the election over tomorrow that we can start focusing on the problems that need to fix. We need to sit down and discuss the problems and come up with solutions the work and help the people. Not come up with way to keep one person or party in power over the other.


joeh said...

Well said.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

We have a lot of problems to work on now. I hope for the best.