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Friday, November 30, 2012

Photo Of The Week: Helicopter Ride

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Out On The Web: Ghost In The Elevator

Here is a video from Brazil I like to share with you. I loved watching this prank video. I am glad that I was not one of the people to get on the elevator.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgivings Day!

Thanksgivings Day is a day that we in the United States have set aside to give thanks to God for the blessings we have had. At the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims gave thanks for surviving the harsh times they went through in the New World. President Abraham Lincoln set the day for Thanksgivings Day as the Fourth Thursday in the month of November.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Of course, the first thing I would like to gave thanks to God for is my Love, Jo Anne. She means to me more then I will ever be able to express to her. She brightens my days. Whenever I feel sad, I just need to think of her. I only wish she was beside me today instead of thousands of miles away. I am sure she will be here next year. Even with the distant between us, she as been there for me. I thank God, for blessing me with a great woman to be my future wife.

I am thankful for my family. Even though they drive me crazy at times, they have been a great support in my life. I am so glad to be spending this day with my family.

I thank God for my job and my online store. It means a lot when one can provide for ones family and self through ones own work. My job and store is just two way the Lord provides for me. It is because of my work, I can have and do the things I enjoy.

This one may seem to be a strange thing to be thankful for but I am thankful for the hard times in life. I hope I do not have too many ahead of me in life but they make the things in life that I enjoy more enjoyable.

I am thankful for my followers on my blogs. I enjoy readings your comments and your blogs too. Yes I do check and read the blogs of my followers. I have some posts, I am working on I hope you will enjoy. I have been focus lately on my online store but I will start working more on my posts for my blogs in the coming weeks.

I have many more things that I am thankful for on this Thanksgivings Day, but they are too many to share. The last thing I am thankful that I will share with you is last but not the least thing I am thankful for. I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus, who without him I would have not hope.

I hope all of your have a Happy Thanksgivings. May the year the come be full of blessings that your will be thankful for.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dumb Ways To Die

To bring a little cheer for you before the Thanksgiving Day fun, I bring you this PSA from Australia.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Secession: Yes or No?

The last I heard there was people in forty states that have started petitions for their states to seceded from the union. I would be one of the first to tell you I do not agree with the craziness that is going on in Washington. Secession is not the way to go. I believe there is still time to stand up and do want is right and work together and make the changes that need to be done.

Instead of secession of the states, the states and local government needs to work of balancing their budgets and make sure they can provide the services they need to provide without the help of the federal government. If things do not change the federal government will not be about to provide the the services that them have promise and mandated. We need our state and local governments to be doing the right things so when hard times come, we can take care of the people who will need the help. Secession will only lead to war and war rarely leads to good things.

Instead of signing petitions for your state to secede, you should make sure you are getting prepared for the things that are coming. Their will be people who will need you to be prepared because they can not prepare for themselves or they believe the government will take care of them. It is not time to turn our backs on our fellow Americans and try to warn them of the hard times take are coming if we continue to travel down the course we are heading down and preparing to be able to care for ourselves and people in need when them come.

If the federal government will not listen to the people, then we need to start with ourselves and local government and work our way up. Things you can do is start your own business even if you have a job already. You do not know if you will have a job to go to when the the hard times come. I do not expect the men and women in Washington to do what needs to be done. They will do what sounds good and blame the someone else when their bright ideas do not not. You can run for office even if it is a local office. Get involve and help your local officials be prepared. The local governments are the closes to the people and know the needs of the people best.

Secession is not an option at this time. There are many other things to be done before it should be put on the table. Most of all we should be praying for our country and the people in the government that they will make the right choices.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Time To Get To Work

My Fellow Americans,

Now with the election is over. Nothing has changed in Washington. No matter what happens in the next four years. President Obama will enjoy playing golf after he leaves office. Many in congress will still be in office, out on the gold course with President Obama, or both. What is know is that them will still be getting pay by the American Tax Payer.

Now both houses of congress need to work together and come up with a budget which they have not done in at least three years. Once we have a budget, we need to go through all government programs and see what is working and what is not working. We need to keep the programs work. They change the programs that are not working, so they work or just replace then with a program that works. Not just throw more money in the programs that do not money. The federal government does not have a income problem, it has a spending problem. Both parties are spending money we do not have to get get reelected not spending money to improve the lives of the American people. We need to make spending cuts and maybe raising some taxes. If we raise tax it should not be only one one group of one but shared by all the people.

We the people have a lot to do too. It is not just the responsibility of our elected officials to make it to where all people can share in the greatness the is the United States. We need to make sure that our representatives in government are doing their job. We need to take care of yourselves and and our fellow countrymen. We can not expect the government to do everything for us. The government can not solve all our problems. Some problems can only be solved by us working them out ourselves. I encourage you to start your own business, help a neighbor or family member in need and look for ways to improve your life and the lives of the people around you.

We do have hard times ahead of us and hard choices to make. We can see brighter days by all of us working together from the president all the way down to the poorest of the poor. Now lets work out our differences and focus on the thing we have in common, we are all Americans.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I Voted How About You!

While Election Day is finally here. I just got back from doing my duty is an American. I hope everyone who has not voted gets out today and votes. I pray that who ever win does what is best for the country that I love.

It was good to see the poling place where I vote busy. Since I have to work tonight, it will be late tonight before I get to see all the results of the elections. I am sure I will here about the Presidential race. I am also interested in who wins the governor's race here in North Carolina and the United States House of Representatives. I may go out to my car on the dinner break to listen to the radio for the results.

On my way to vote, I pickup one of my friends so he could vote today. Things went smoothly with the check-in and voting. For the next election, I need to do a better job at researching the judges running. I knew a lot of the names and have met a few. I voted for the ones I thought would do the best job.

I hope with the election over tomorrow that we can start focusing on the problems that need to fix. We need to sit down and discuss the problems and come up with solutions the work and help the people. Not come up with way to keep one person or party in power over the other.