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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wind And More Wind!

Sunday night it sounded like a war was going on outside my house with the wind from Hurricane Sandy. Monday morning, there was not a inch of ground around where I live that was not covered by leaves, pine needles, or branches. The wind picked up on Saturday and blow and blow all day Sunday and Monday. Today the wind has claimed down a little. I did not lose power but many of my coworkers who live in Hendersonville did.

I live just south of what I call the the snow line and where I is right on the snow line. No snow here. I called the area of South Asheville, North Carolina the snow line because, I have seen many time where Asheville will get dumped on with snow and Hendersonville which and about 20 mile to the South get nothing. A few time Hendersonville has gotten snow and Asheville go nothing. I believe it is where Hendersonville is located in the mountains. North of Asheville has gotten several inches of snow. The closer you are to the Tennessee / North Carolina line the more snow you have. I have heard of some deaths cause from the storm in North Carolina.

I hear the news of how the storm in affecting New Jersey, New York and surrounding states, it sounds like they never had a storm like this before. New York City is closed down basically. I have faith at the people in all areas affected by the storm will pull together and help one another recover from the storm. There are people in Western North Carolina heading to the areas that where affected worse by the storm to help. I know those who pull together and help one another and not wait for others to come will be the first to recover.

Where I work is has an emergency response plan at is suppose help help get supplies in areas that are natural disasters. I am sure once the storm is out and the rebuilding starts I will be busy at work preparing orders that will be going to help rebuild the affected areas.

Jo Anne and I are praying for all people affected by Sandy. We hope all our followers are safe.

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