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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Haircut Finally!

I had a couple things to and had some vacation days to use up. I took Monday off in order to get a very much needed haircut and get my car inspected so I can renew my tag. I am happy to say I got both done today.

My hair before!

My hair after! Thank you Jennifer!

My haircut was easier to get then getting my car inspected. I wanted to get my car inspected at the place I get my tires. I figured they could use the business. When I got over there I saw they where closed. It is not surprising with the economy and that the road access change. The road work and the reroute of the roads in the area out down on their business. I hope all the great guys their have found jobs elsewhere. Now, I need to look for a new place to buy tires for my car. I hope that will not be for a while.

After getting that done, I was planning on working on things for my online store and other online projects. While, my sister called and a hose in her car busted. The good thing is that is busted after she got to work and was sitting in the parking lot. I had to go pick her up and help her fix the car. I am glad it was the upper hose and real easy to change out. It was easier that fixing the hose on my car. The best part about it is that she has a job. I hope she keeps it.

Now, to wait for my next day off. I will be able to have a day to do nothing but relax one day.

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