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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wind And More Wind!

Sunday night it sounded like a war was going on outside my house with the wind from Hurricane Sandy. Monday morning, there was not a inch of ground around where I live that was not covered by leaves, pine needles, or branches. The wind picked up on Saturday and blow and blow all day Sunday and Monday. Today the wind has claimed down a little. I did not lose power but many of my coworkers who live in Hendersonville did.

I live just south of what I call the the snow line and where I is right on the snow line. No snow here. I called the area of South Asheville, North Carolina the snow line because, I have seen many time where Asheville will get dumped on with snow and Hendersonville which and about 20 mile to the South get nothing. A few time Hendersonville has gotten snow and Asheville go nothing. I believe it is where Hendersonville is located in the mountains. North of Asheville has gotten several inches of snow. The closer you are to the Tennessee / North Carolina line the more snow you have. I have heard of some deaths cause from the storm in North Carolina.

I hear the news of how the storm in affecting New Jersey, New York and surrounding states, it sounds like they never had a storm like this before. New York City is closed down basically. I have faith at the people in all areas affected by the storm will pull together and help one another recover from the storm. There are people in Western North Carolina heading to the areas that where affected worse by the storm to help. I know those who pull together and help one another and not wait for others to come will be the first to recover.

Where I work is has an emergency response plan at is suppose help help get supplies in areas that are natural disasters. I am sure once the storm is out and the rebuilding starts I will be busy at work preparing orders that will be going to help rebuild the affected areas.

Jo Anne and I are praying for all people affected by Sandy. We hope all our followers are safe.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo Of The Week: Cleanup After The Show

The leaves changing color in the fall look beautiful. The show is ending and it is time to start cleaning up after the show.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Cleaning And Business Improvement

I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing of my house and buying things for my online store. There seems to be a lot of things to do around the house. The things I got for the store are already paying off in time and money.

I have collected a lot of stuff over the year and I have started to go through the stuff and getting rid of the junk and stuff I do not want any more. I am not completely surprised at all the stuff that just takes up space in the house. Some of the stuff is going in the trash or the recycling center. A few things will end up on eBay.

I brought a book about selling on eBay a couple weeks ago and fellow a couple things in it has already paid off. I also have brought a printer and a postage scale. Both the printer and scale have already paid off by saving me money on postage on the books I sell and of course the time it takes me to go to the post office. I go the printer which is almost new for twenty dollars at a local thrift store. One of the clerks at the post office told me about a man that buy a new printer when the toner starts getting low and takes the old one to the thrift store. The postage scale was a buy on eBay. It was a big rush to bin and finally win the auction for the scale.

I hope once I get done organizing my house, I will be better setup for my online store. Besides, I will have more room in the house to move around.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What If The Presidential Election Is A Tie?

With the election only three weeks away here is a question you may wonder about, What if the Presidential Election is a tie? I found this video that explains want happens if there is a tie in the Presidential Election.

Our founding fathers put a lot of thought in writing the Constitution of the United States. It may not be perfect but overall I believe it is the best way to deal with the problem if there is a tie.

A Haircut Finally!

I had a couple things to and had some vacation days to use up. I took Monday off in order to get a very much needed haircut and get my car inspected so I can renew my tag. I am happy to say I got both done today.

My hair before!

My hair after! Thank you Jennifer!

My haircut was easier to get then getting my car inspected. I wanted to get my car inspected at the place I get my tires. I figured they could use the business. When I got over there I saw they where closed. It is not surprising with the economy and that the road access change. The road work and the reroute of the roads in the area out down on their business. I hope all the great guys their have found jobs elsewhere. Now, I need to look for a new place to buy tires for my car. I hope that will not be for a while.

After getting that done, I was planning on working on things for my online store and other online projects. While, my sister called and a hose in her car busted. The good thing is that is busted after she got to work and was sitting in the parking lot. I had to go pick her up and help her fix the car. I am glad it was the upper hose and real easy to change out. It was easier that fixing the hose on my car. The best part about it is that she has a job. I hope she keeps it.

Now, to wait for my next day off. I will be able to have a day to do nothing but relax one day.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Woman Still Drives At 102-Year-Old

She is 102-year-old and still drive her 82-year-old car. If I make it to 102, I hope I can still drive. She does not look any older that the car.

Monday, October 08, 2012

An Afternoon With Joey

Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend Joey. Joey wanted to spend some time with me since he got got his first pay check from his new job. We have not hung out in a while since he has not had much luck with job lately. This job seems to be working out for him for now. Though he is thinking of getting out of retail and trying hotel work.

I met him at where he works. While waiting for him to get off of work, I brought two angels for my mom. I waited outside after I brought the angels. I started to wish I put some pants on instead of the shorts that I wore. It seems to be getting cooler sooner then normal this year.

Picture I took while waiting for Joey to get off from work.

When Joey got off from work, we got in his car and headed up to Asheville, North Carolina. We eat a late lunch at Ci Ci's Pizza on Tunnel Road. We were glad it was still open with the ones in Hendersonville and the one of Hendersonville Road have gone out of business. While the pizza had always tasted better at the one on Tunnel Road. After we eat we headed out to the different stores nearby. Joey and and I enjoyed looking around in the different stores. I brought a book from the book store about selling on eBay. I hope to improve my store, Dan the Mountain Man's Emporium, on eBay. I hate that book stores are taking the sitting out of the stores. I have brought books that I was not planning on buying just because I sat down and started reading it and like it.

Charlie and the Vending Machine

I saw this and I had to take a picture and share it on Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. Hey, I found it interesting.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Being Bored Is A Good Thing

This past week was a busy and a mix of things. I like want one of the ladies from my church said to me. "Being bored is a good thing, I can't wait to get back to bored."

Jo Anne has been sick the past two weeks and stayed in the hospital for a couple days this week. She is at home resting. The hard thing for my was being so far a way end not being to take care of her. Getting a washcloth to put on her head, something to drink, and just being there.

The lawyer is making the final preparations for the paperwork we need to file for Jo Anne's Visa. Jo Anne and I are hoping to get the approval soon. We miss one another more and more each day we have to wait. We will like to thank all the people who helped with the paperwork. We will have the paperwork filed this coming week.

My nieces Jessica and Vanessa were in town this week to visit my sister. It was go to see them. I wish I had more then the 30 minutes I got to see them with everything going on. Maybe next time, I will be able to spend a whole day with them. I am glad they are doing good.

My landlord has been working on the water system where I live. I would have water one minute and no water third minutes later. They just fixed a leak this morning, under one of the other homes. In the end, I should had better water pressure. When I paid my rent he also told me, he is works on getting a tractor to fix the roads. He will have some gravel put where I park my car. That will be go when it happens, the roads have big ruts and my parking area becomes a mud-hole when it rains.

I had a slow start to selling books in October. I set a sales goal of 40 books for this month, which is 8 more then the 32 books I sold in September. I have been having problems with the program I use to list my books on eBay. I also notice that some of the pictures on my listings disappeared. I plan on going through my listings and fix any problems I find. It is the pictures on the ones already listed. I try to describe each book to great detail.

Work was okay this week, but it went really slow. Supposedly, we had work but is was just taking time to work through the system and the warehouse. The quarterly meeting is next week, so that means I should get my perfect attendance bonus with next week's paycheck. I hope the report at the meeting is good news. A good sign is they replace temps whenever they let someone go and they have hired a few of the temps as regular employees. I am not afraid of losing my job but I am tired of the wait and see pattern everyone has been in for the last couple of years.

I will have lunch with one of my friends tomorrow when he gets off from work. We will make plans to take a day trip sometime this month. I am looking forward to the trip. It will be nice to get out of town and have a little break from things.

As you see I have been doing a lot of things lately and it looks like it will continue for a little while longer.