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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking Off For A Car Day

I decided to use one of my vacation day at work and take the night off from work today, so I could do some needed work on my car. My check engine light has been on in my car for the past few weeks.

I have been trying to replace the oxygen sensor on my car for the past couple weekends but due to weather and other things I need to do on my days off. I choose today because it was suppose to be a nice sunny day. It has been raining the past couple days here. We got over 3 inches on rain in 24 hours, Tuesday, which is a lot of rain for Henderson County. I was glad to see the sun break through the clouds today.

After I mailed off some books I sold on eBay, I stopped at the auto parts store and brought the oxygen sensor for my car. I headed to mom's house so I could jack the car up and work on the car without getting wet. I could not do it at my house because I have to lay down in a mud puddle to work on my car. Fixing that mud puddle is a project to work on later. I got the car jacked up and started looking for the sensor were everyone I talked to and the websites on the internet say it was. I looked under the car and could not location it. After a while of looking and not finding it, I got one of my mom's neighbors to help locate it. After a few minutes we found the sensor on the top side in behind the motor.

Once I found knew where the sensor was and then got the socket I needed since none of my wrenches fit the sensor, I replaced the sensor pretty quickly. I am glad that I did not have to remove half the car to get to it. Normally when I decide to do work on my car myself I spend 30 minutes getting to the part and less then a minute to replace the part.

The Old Oxygen Sensor

While at the post office shipping the books out, I checked my mail and got a package from TripAdvisor. A couple weeks ago, I did a survey on TripAdvisor were I do reviews of restaurants and other places I visit in my travels. I received a luggage tag and a couple stickers to put on my car. I will use the luggage tag when I go to see Jo Anne once her Visa is approved. I will put one of the stickers on my car and save one to use on something later. My nephew got to one that I gave my sister, he tried to put it on his shirt. What a waste but kids will be kids.

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