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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enjoy The Crazyness Of Life!

The past few week have been some what crazy for me. I have been getting paper together for Jo Anne's Visa, selling books, and busy at work. Some of the papers I needed to get are charter reference letters from people who know me best. Reading some of the letter made me cry that people think so highly of me. I know what they said in the letters are true but I feel as they are talking about someone else. While me are our worst critic. The continue to strive to be better then I am now. I hope the letters help in getting Jo Anne's Visa approved. I miss my Love and she misses me. We hope to be together very soon. Book sales in my online store have been great. I have averaged more then one book a day. My sales should continue to go up the the great feedback I have been getting on the books I sell and the way I ship them. I got some more books to sell at the Henderson County Friends of the Library Book Sale. I got 133 book for $20 on the last day of the sale, which is $5 a bag day. I got a few books for my personal library and some to donate to my church library. I hope to have more money to spend at the book sale next year.

Some of the books I got at the book sale.
Work is going good. I have gotten a little overtime. Not as much as I would like but any extra money is helps. Even with is feeling a little slow at some times, I take it as a good sign that when they let a temp go they replace the temp with another temp. It is amazing to me that with how we hear it is so hard to find a job that there are people who still decide not to show up for work on time or at all. Attendance problems is the number one way I see people lose their job where I work. I know we do not like having to go to work but work makes all the things we enjoy doing possible and more enjoyable. Sorry for the lack of post of late. I hope to post again soon. One of my friends and I are planning to to take a day trip in the next couple weeks. I will be doing a post on it.

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