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Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo Of The Week: Spot on Pavement

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Enjoy The Crazyness Of Life!

The past few week have been some what crazy for me. I have been getting paper together for Jo Anne's Visa, selling books, and busy at work. Some of the papers I needed to get are charter reference letters from people who know me best. Reading some of the letter made me cry that people think so highly of me. I know what they said in the letters are true but I feel as they are talking about someone else. While me are our worst critic. The continue to strive to be better then I am now. I hope the letters help in getting Jo Anne's Visa approved. I miss my Love and she misses me. We hope to be together very soon. Book sales in my online store have been great. I have averaged more then one book a day. My sales should continue to go up the the great feedback I have been getting on the books I sell and the way I ship them. I got some more books to sell at the Henderson County Friends of the Library Book Sale. I got 133 book for $20 on the last day of the sale, which is $5 a bag day. I got a few books for my personal library and some to donate to my church library. I hope to have more money to spend at the book sale next year.

Some of the books I got at the book sale.
Work is going good. I have gotten a little overtime. Not as much as I would like but any extra money is helps. Even with is feeling a little slow at some times, I take it as a good sign that when they let a temp go they replace the temp with another temp. It is amazing to me that with how we hear it is so hard to find a job that there are people who still decide not to show up for work on time or at all. Attendance problems is the number one way I see people lose their job where I work. I know we do not like having to go to work but work makes all the things we enjoy doing possible and more enjoyable. Sorry for the lack of post of late. I hope to post again soon. One of my friends and I are planning to to take a day trip in the next couple weeks. I will be doing a post on it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking Off For A Car Day

I decided to use one of my vacation day at work and take the night off from work today, so I could do some needed work on my car. My check engine light has been on in my car for the past few weeks.

I have been trying to replace the oxygen sensor on my car for the past couple weekends but due to weather and other things I need to do on my days off. I choose today because it was suppose to be a nice sunny day. It has been raining the past couple days here. We got over 3 inches on rain in 24 hours, Tuesday, which is a lot of rain for Henderson County. I was glad to see the sun break through the clouds today.

After I mailed off some books I sold on eBay, I stopped at the auto parts store and brought the oxygen sensor for my car. I headed to mom's house so I could jack the car up and work on the car without getting wet. I could not do it at my house because I have to lay down in a mud puddle to work on my car. Fixing that mud puddle is a project to work on later. I got the car jacked up and started looking for the sensor were everyone I talked to and the websites on the internet say it was. I looked under the car and could not location it. After a while of looking and not finding it, I got one of my mom's neighbors to help locate it. After a few minutes we found the sensor on the top side in behind the motor.

Once I found knew where the sensor was and then got the socket I needed since none of my wrenches fit the sensor, I replaced the sensor pretty quickly. I am glad that I did not have to remove half the car to get to it. Normally when I decide to do work on my car myself I spend 30 minutes getting to the part and less then a minute to replace the part.

The Old Oxygen Sensor

While at the post office shipping the books out, I checked my mail and got a package from TripAdvisor. A couple weeks ago, I did a survey on TripAdvisor were I do reviews of restaurants and other places I visit in my travels. I received a luggage tag and a couple stickers to put on my car. I will use the luggage tag when I go to see Jo Anne once her Visa is approved. I will put one of the stickers on my car and save one to use on something later. My nephew got to one that I gave my sister, he tried to put it on his shirt. What a waste but kids will be kids.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Changing The Lives Of 3,108 Children

For September 2012, Compassion International has set a goal of having 3,108 children getting new sponsors. Sponsoring through Compassion has been a great blessing to me. I have seen the changed lives as Compassion helps children and their families out of poverty. Compassion's Sponsors are from the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Lets help Compassion meet their goal for September and change the live of 3,108 or more children waiting for a sponsor. Please go to the Sponsor A Child Page to sponsor a child today.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

It Has Been Over A Week, Really!

Oh my gosh, it has been over a week since my last post. I have been so busy over the past week I have had no time to work on a post. I have been busy with stuff for work, Jo Anne's Visa, and selling book in my online store. I have gotten to work a little overtime at work switch has helped a little on catching up on my bills. I am not behind on any put I have been cutting it close with the raising prices of gas and food. I have not been able to save as much money as I would like to for emergency fund or Jo Anne's Visa process. Repairs on my car have wiped out the savings I did have. Also at work, I went to Human Resources and reported my lead for his bullying. The manager of the warehouse and our supervisor both have had talks with him now and for now the bullying has stopped. He is mad but the only person he is hurting is himself. I was told that the talk is only thing they will do at this time but if him starts bullying again they will do more. I hope he does stop bullying people at work but I am sure this peace will not last long. I do not want to see him lose his job but I am sure that is what will happen eventually. That will be up to and all on him. I have started to get the letters that we need for the next stage of the immigration process. Reading the letters make me feel so good. I fill unworthy of the praise because I see the things that have happen over the years as God providing for me and preparing me for his plans. I cannot wait for my family and friends get to meet the treasure of my life, Jo Anne. I long to spend my life showing Jo Anne that she is the treasure God brought into my life. God has amazed me with is provision with the sells of the books online. I set a goal to sell 20 books in August. I sold 27 books and now in profit for the year. Now, I am deciding on what I need to get to improve the service to my customers. I set a goal of selling 30 books in September. I am off to a good start with three books sold already. I am looking forward to the Friends of the Library Book Sale starting next weekend, that will benefit the Henderson County Public Library. I plan to get books for own personal library and also more books to sell in my online store. It is good to be busy sometimes. I am happy with all the things that are happen right now. Times are hard but good things are coming after these hard times.