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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Taking Days Off From Work

Yesterday was my first day off from work. I took a little time off to get some rest and hopefully get some house work and blog stuff done. I am looking forward to laying in bed and doing very little. Over the last couple months, I feel like I have been constantly on the go with little down time for me to take some rest. So far, Rayna, my dog seems to be enjoying having me around more. Last night, after my sister and her kids left my mom's house, Rayna got on the couch with me and slept until I can home. Since we got home she has been laying on her bed which is right next to my bed. We have only got up to take my mom to work this morning.

Saturday, I am thinking of take a little trip down to Greenville, South Carolina. I have fully decided if I will go or not yet. I am thinking of taking a road trip later this year like I did last year with my US Highway 64 trip last year. This year, I am thinking of picking a town to travel to and explore. I just hope the gas prices do not go up higher. Of course, when I do the trip I will post a trip report here on Mountain Highs and Vally Lows.

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