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Friday, August 03, 2012

Member Appreciation Day

It not one of the reasons I joined the credit union but it is something I love about doing my banking at a credit union. That is Member Appreciation Day, which I believe they have once a quarter. Sure, I have seen banks have coffee in the lobby for there customers in the morning but I have not seen a bank have hot dogs with chips, cookies and drinks for their customers once in a while.

Since I joined the credit union and seen the great service I get there, I can not imagine going back to a bank to do my banking.

I went out to pickup my friend Seth, who needed a ride into town. While I was out his way, I drove by a house that burned yesterday that I heard about on a local television stations web site. I was not sure what house it was until I drove out there today. I was sad to see it was I house I drove by everyday when I was growing up. No one was hurt or lost their place to live since no one lived in the house for some twenty years. I believe they used the house for storage.

Good thing the trees do not catch fire with it being so dry lately.

Another childhood memory gone!

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