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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Immigration Update: More Paperwork

I wanted to post this update sooner but I have been busy getting the papers I need together. About two weeks ago now, the lawyer who is helping us with getting Jo Anne's Visa received a letter from Immigration asking more more information. In normal government fashion most of the papers they are asking for we already sent them with the first filing. It is almost like they lost or did not even look at the papers we first sent them. I am thinking it maybe some regulation that they are following in asking for the papers again. I got most of the papers together That i need to get from different places. I am currently working on getting character reference letter from people now. I am hoping to have all the papers together by the end of August. We need to have the reply to the Immigration request by October 12, 2012. Jo Anne and I are hoping that we will get the approval after we file the papers requested. Even with excepting this request, I have been feeling a little down. I am ready to have Jo Anne join me here. We are keeping positive with our faith that God will work everything out for us.

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Jo Anne said...

All things are possible to God my Love. We will keep our faith and soon we will be together. I miss you and I love you very much!