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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walking Through the Valley

Lately, I have been feeling a little down. I kind of feel like I have been walking through one of the valleys of life the past several weeks. First with my car and my cell phone. Now the overtime at work seems to have disappeared. The long wait for word on Jo Anne's Visa is wearing in me. I guess the biggest thing affecting me is having to get up early to take mom to work in the morning which lessen my sleep.

The thing that keeps me going is seeing all the ways, God is providing for me and Jo Anne. I managed to come for with the money to pay for the repairs to the car without getting a loan. A friend gave me a phone that works and fills my needs. The phone that Verizon sent me showed up this past weekend. My landlord have it sitting on his desk for the last three weeks. Even with the overtime seemingly gone, I am not worried about losing my job. They have hired a lot of temps in the past few weeks. As for Jo Anne's Visa, we knew it would take a little longer due to some circumstances that I will not talk about here. If I have enough money to go visit Jo Anne this summer I would but, then I would not have the money to the trip when Jo Anne's Visa comes through. Besides, I do not want you put Jo Anne through the pain of saying good-bye to me again and begin apart again. With my mother, I am glad that she is still alive. Looking at the car, I cannot believe she only got bruises.

I do my best to keep focused on the blessing from God. It is hard somethings with some many people looking at things in a negative way. I guess I need a vacation. I thinking of taking a couple days off at the end of July or August.


joeh said...

Stay strong my Mountain Man friend.

You have faith which is more than most people have!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

joeh ~ Thank you. I am glad I have a strong faith. Somethings that is the only thing that gets one through life's happens.