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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Helping Family And Selling Books Again

I am sorry for the lack of post over the last two weeks. I have been wanting to work on a few ideas for post but been busy with family and I have started selling books again.

As you know, if you follow Mountain Highs and Valley Lows, my mother had car accident a couple weeks ago. I have been getting up earlier in the morning to take her to work. I have had to work in naps so I would have enough sleep for work.

This past weekend my brother, Tim, and I went down to help my aunt and uncle to move in my one of my cousins. They have been renting to own the place they are moving out of and the people selling have been doing some shady things. I have been helping them find a lawyer to help them. Everyone thinks my aunt and uncle have a good case. I hope they can can the help they need. I think moving out will help they in many ways.

I reopened my eBay Store at the end of June. I sold my first three books this weekend. I sold another last night. It is good to be selling books again. You can use the link on the side bar to go to my online store. When I start make a profit on the books, I will use the money to help with the cost of Jo Anne's Visa. Once Jo Anne is here, we will use the money to start a physical store.

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