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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Celebrating At The Fourth At Roscoe's

Last night, I headed down to Tuxedo, North Carolina to watch fireworks and enjoy celebrating the 236th birthday of the country that I love. Roscoe's Gas Station provides music and fireworks as a thank you to their customers. The only thing that would have made the night better would be to have my Love, Jo Anne, with me.

Roecoe's new store.

My friend Seth that I brought along with my mom and I.

Me playing some games.

I took my mother and my friend, Seth with me. we enjoy the pulled pork dinner we got from Mike's Chuckwagon, which is location next to Roscoe's Gas Station. Then we listened to the gospel music sung by different groups and singers under the cover by the gas pumps. After listen to the music for a little we moved the car up the hill along US Highway 25 to watch the fireworks. Not only does Roscoe's fire off fireworks but at least one of the summer camps and I believe one of the developments in the area fires some off too. You see three shows in one and this year it was around about a hour of fireworks. I have shot some videos of the fireworks posted one below for you to enjoy. I will post the other on Youtube when I have time to upload them.

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