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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mother In Car Accident

Last night, I got one of those calls you do not want to get at the work, my mom was in a car accident. Fortunately, my mom is okay. She is a little bruised where the seat-belt was around her. It would have been a lot worse if she was not wearing the seat-belt.

My mom run off the road and then over corrected when she tried to get back on the road. She ended up hitting a tree and totaling the car. She went to the hospital and was checked out. My brother took she to his house last night. She is back at her house now. She is a little sore.

My oldest sister is going to help her this afternoon with dealing with the insurance. I am surprised that the agent for her insurance company does not file the claim any more. The companies, i have done busy with the agent has handle the filling of the claims and that is how I like it. If I find out I had to call a number and deal with someone I do not know to start a claim, I would be dropping that insurance company as my car insurance. That is one of the reason I go through an agent for my car insurance.

I should be getting my car back tomorrow or Friday. I guess I will be taking my mom to work in the mornings now she is without a car. I do not know what she will do for a new car since she can not afford one at this time. I always worry about my mom and things like this accident make me worry even more.

I am glad that she had her cell phone with her and was able to call for help. Having her on my cell phone plan makes me feel more at ease. I still have not received my replacement phone for my cell phone that is messing up. I have been talking with Verizon and the United States Postal Service, trying to find out what happen to it. The post office is saying it was delivered last Wednesday. I guess someone stole it out of my mailbox before I checked it. I will see how Verizon handled it with someone steeling the phone. I am not going to pay for a phone I have not received. I need a cell phone the works for reasons like last night. I am thinking about switching to another cell company. I have stayed with Verizon because that have signal when the other companies do not in the area I travel and up to a year and a half ago, I have had no problems with the phones or customer service.

I hope that things will be back close to normal next week. Please, pray for my mother, that she will heal quickly.


joeh said...

Sorry to hear your mom had an accident.
I will be sending some Yankee prayers out for her.

Jo Anne said...

I keep praying for Mom. I'm glad she's doing better and I thank God for taking care of her. I want you to take care too my Love, i do worry everytime you travel. I love you very much.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Cranky and Jo Anne ~ Thank you for your prayer. Mom is doing good and happy be home.