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Monday, June 04, 2012

Meet The Stop Sign

I have notice a lot of people just driving through stop signs lately while I have been driving around. People just seem to pay no attention to the stop signs or they just slow down and drive right on through without stopping more then normal. I am surprised that I have not seen more accidents as I travel around to work and doing my personal stuff. My friend and mentor, Keith, said he even noticed more people running stop signs.

The following picture is of a stop sign, when you the sign like in the picture you need to bring your automobile to a complete stop.

A complete stop means no movement at all. A rolling stop is not a complete stop and is not what a stop sign means. Stop signs are put up for a reason. They are put up for safety and for you to stop and look both ways before proceeding on with your travel. What if another person decides not to stop or does not see you when you drive right on through the stop sign? Plus, I am sure you can afford a new car or get your car repaired if you get into an accident and your car gets damaged. Besides, no one including you surely would not died in an accident caused from your decision not stop at a stop sign.

Please just stop, the next time you come up to a stop sign. The things that could happen when you run a stop sign is not worth the few seconds you save by going through it.

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