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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Getting Back To Normal?

While things are getting back to normal now. I got my car back last Thursday and got a cell phone yesterday. I hope that this is the end of problems with both for a long while.

Last Thursday, I got my car back from the transmission shop. That cost me $1065. The had one problem to figure out and take care of after getting the car back. The transmission guys told me that everything check out good with the transmission but he did notice some hesitation during his test drive, but it went away when the car warmed up. I notice the hesitating too. Friday, I did stop at the auto parts store and had them check the car on the code reader since my check engine light came on. The mass air flow sensor was giving out a code. I got some cleaner in hopes that would enough. While you guessed it, the cleaner was not enough. The car stalled on me a couple times going to work Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning before church I stopped back at the auto parts store and got a mass air flow sensor and put it on the car in the parking lot. Another job on the car where it took longer to get to the part then to replace it. The mass air flow sensor cost me $137 to get. I am glad I could replace it on my own. In times like this we need to save money ant way we can.

After, what I feel is the run around by Verizon and the Postal Service, a friend from church gave me a one of the old phones the company he works for is not using any more. They just got new phones for the company. The best best I could figure out is that someone stole the phone that Verizon sent me. I was told by the manager at the Verizon store if I did not send my old phone back within 45 days that Verizon would charge me for the phone even if I did not receive it. Gee, thanks Verizon, I feel that you value my business. I got the phone my friend gave me activated and the old one is in the mail on its way to Verizon's service center. I guess I will have to wait to see if Verizon still charges me for the phone. I am not to happy with them right now and the only reason I am still with them is they have the best signal in the area I travel. I will see what they do next. If them still charge me for the phone after I return my old one, when Jo Anne gets here and I need to add her to my plan I will be taking my business and money to another cell phone company.

I am glad that God has provided me with the money I need and good friends to help me when I need a little help. God has always come through for me.

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