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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Car And Cell Phone Problems Again

While, I was out doing my taking care of a few personal business things before work yesterday, my car broke down. I think it was something with my transmission. I could not get my car to get in gear. I turned my emergency flashers on and got out and put my hood up, and checked a couple things. Then I got back in my car and tried calling for help. That is when I discovered my cell phone was messed up again. After a little fooling around I managed to get a hold of my friend and mentor Keith and my mom. I was surprised when to police officers stopped and helped me get my car off to the side of the road. Police stopping to help is something that has become rare today. When I was young cops would stop to help all the time and now days you see cops just drive right on by without checking to see if things our okay. I would say a little assistants for people with car problems goes a long way to people looking at police in a more positive way. It would would the roads a little safer too. I manage to get a hold of the towing service and have the car taking to the garage. It will be Monday before I know what is wrong with the car.

I more upset with my phone not working when I needed it the most. I have been planning on getting a new car within the year. I guess if the repairs cost too much I will be getting a new car sooner even I planned. I have the money to cover a minor repair and the car is just not worth fixing a major repair. I have transportation to work and other places, while I look and save money for a new car.

Have had a cell phone with Verizon for over ten years. With the problems that I have had with the last couple cell phone and increasingly crappy customer service from Verizon is making think more and more of switching to another carrier. If I did not need the cell phone for thing dealing with Jo Anne, I would just go without a cell phone. When I pay for something I expect it to work and I expect good customer service. The only thing keeping me with Verizon is the signal is the best in the areas where I live and travel. But, if my phone does not work and I have a hard time having a problem taking care of, what good is the good signal. I stopped at the Verizon store this morning to get a new phone and customer service representative put in and a warranty exchange phone. Now I have to wait to get what I guess is going to be a used phone. I am not happy but I can not afford to but a new phone. I miss the days when Verizon had great customer service. I would like to see that level of customer service to come back but I think like good customer service and good phones at Verizon, I will be gone too.

I plan to start looking at new cars this afternoon and then working on making arrangements on Monday to pay for a car I find. I hate to have to go into more debt for a car but at this time I have little choice. I am still hoping to be able to repair the car I have now. Later tonight, I will be closing my online store on eBay until I get the car problem taking care of and have my own car again. I believe in giving my customers the best service possible.

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