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Monday, May 28, 2012

My Memorial Day Trip

With today being Memorial Day, I spent my day with my mother. We took a trip down to Marion, North Carolina to see my aunt and uncle. After spending time in the morning with my Love, Jo Anne, talking online. I headed over to my mom's house and prepared breakfast for mom. Since this weekend maybe the last three day weekend I will have for awhile, I decided to spend it with my mom and make the day specail for her. She wanted to go down to see her sister. She also had a blanket she had make to give to her sister. Our trip down was uneventful and I was surprised we only one state trooper especially going down Old Fort Mountain. There seemed to be a lot of cars on the roads. We made it to my aunt and uncle's house safe. After relaxing for a little and letting my mother and aunt talk for a little while, I got the grill going and cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs. My aunt made a couple salads. My uncle was not feeling to good today since he hurt himself Friday while mowing the lawn. His lawn mover got stuck in a hole and he tried getting it out by himself. He went to the hospital and they took X-rays and did other test. He has appointment tomorrow to go over the results and do more test. I hope he feels better soon. We enjoyed our time together and spent a little time remembering the men and women who gave all in order to make the days like this possible. On the way back home mom and I enjoyed the beautiful views of the mountains we are so blessed to live in. I would like to share this video I found on YouTube. Memorial Day is the day we in the United States remember those who paid the price for the freedom we enjoy. Thank you to all who paid that price.


Janet, said...

Glad you had a nice day with your mom and aunt and uncle. Enjoy being with her. Both my parents have passed away and I can now only visit them in my memories.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Janet ~ In the last three years both my aunt and uncle had close calls. I treasure the little time I get to spend with them a little more now.