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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trip To Greenville With Mom

I was going to do this post of Monday night after I got back from my trip. I sat down to start working on it and I got a call that my sister friend's did not have a ride home from the bus station in Asheville. So much for my evening of rest I was planning. While let me tell you about my mother's Mother's Day activities.

Mom had to work on Mother's Day, so I used one of my floating holidays to have Monday off to take my mom down to Greenville, South Carolina. I did take mom to Carrabba's Italian Grill near the Asheville Airport Sunday night for dinner. The service and food was great even with them being very busy. It was worth the 20 minute wait we had in order to get a sit. After dinner, we walked around in a couple of the stores nearby. Of course, some closed early being it was Sunday. Mom enjoyed her dinner and looking around the stores. I got a new coffee mug for my morning coffee.

Sunday night, I stayed at Mom's house mostly due to the rain. Monday morning, I got up and fixed breakfast for mom. After I took a quick trip to my house, we got ready to head down to Greenville, South Carolina. On the way down to Greenvile, we stopped at Roscoe's in Tuxedo, North Carolina. It was good to see their new building after the fire destroyed their old building. They are the heart of Tuxedo. I look forward to seeing the fireworks they have on the Fourth Of July.

Mom and I got down to Greenville and stopped at the Heritage Green to look around the museums their. Unfortunately, the museums are closed on Monday. I guess I should have check the hours on the internet. Mom and I proceeded to Main Street and enjoyed out walk looking at the art and looking around in some of the stores. I love to walking Greenville's Main street because of the trees and the historic buildings. I need to come down to Greenville sometime to try some of the restaurants of Main Street. There are more restaurants then shops on Main Street. I guess they stay busy with all the office workers that works on Main Street. Mom and I looked around a couple shops in the West End before going on to the Haywood Mall and the Shops at Greenridge.

I got The King Of Diamonds by Simon Tolkien at Barnes & Noble at the Shops at Greenridge on Woodruff Road. Simon Tolkien is the grandson of J. R. R. Tolkien, who wrote The Lord Of The Rings. The King Of Diamonds is Mr. Tolkien's third book release and the second one of his books I have gotten. I enjoyed reading his second release, The Inheritance.

I planned to take mom to Huntin' Camp Bar B Q and Grill in Travelers Rest, South Carolina but they are closed on Monday. That continued the theme for all the places I planned to take mom for her Mother's Day trip. We ended up going to another great restaurant in Greenville called Stax's Original for dinner.

 As I said at the beginning of this post I was going to post about this trip on Monday night when I got home. I sat down and started to prepare things for the post when I got a called from one of of my sister's friends who returned from a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. He was at the bus station and could not find a ride home from the bus station. God was watching over him since I was off from work. I headed up to Asheville to get him and take him home. After taking him home, I took the back way home to avoid the road construction on the Interstate. I was a little over a mile from home when I came up to I couple Sheriff cars blocking the road. I could not turn around because of the cars lined up behind me. After I few minutes, two more Sheriff's deputies work up behind me telling me to turn around since they had the road blocked off. I made my way to the other side of the section of road they had blocked off and saw about ten police cars in the road. I do not not know the reason they had the road block off. Since I could only see the police cars I guess it was not an accident. I have see nothing in in the news about the road block. Tuesday, I had some books to ship out for  my online store. I finally got to do the post tonight because I got sick today. I feel a little better after a little rest.

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