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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: A Fast Food Story

 Here is a fun short story I wrote using the names of Fast Food Restaurants. If you like to try please leave link to the post on your blog in the comments of this post. I hope you enjoy the story.

The Burger King and Dairy Queen got married at Church's Chicken. McDonalds rung the Taco Bell in celebration. Arby's and Wendy's had a party with Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chick-fil-a. They had their honeymoon at the Pizza Hut but it was the Pizza Inn where they made their Little Caesars

Written by  Dan the Mountain Man


Valerie said...

Clever. I wouldn't know where to start!

Janet, said...

How cute!

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie and Janet ~ Thank you for your comments. I like to hear that people like what I write.