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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fight In The Parking Lot At Work

Friday night, there was a fight in the parking lot at working during my dinner break. I am not sure of all the details of the reasons of the fight but the one guy involved seems to the kind of guy that it always looking for a fight. He was working as a temp but got let go because he threaten another person at work. Now his wife works at the warehouse still and that is why he was there. Now there is a time to fight but it should be the last resort when other options have not worked.

Now this guy is really jealous to and would look to fight another guy for just saying hi to his wife. In fact, he almost tried to start something with me because I said hi to his wife. Now she does not seem to be the type that would go after another guy and I am not looking for a woman to date. My heart already belongs to a beautiful woman. Look guys it you can not trust your woman to be loyal to you then you should not be with her. If she is loyal and you still do not trust her you do not need to be with any woman until you grow up and learn to trust people. Being jealous like this guys from my work is a sign of your insecurity. You have to give people a little trust in order for they to earn you trust. Give people a chance to earn you trust. Relationships require trust of the other person in the relationship. If you do not trust the other person you do not have a relationship. Forcing someone to be with you is not a relationship and it is not right. It is just pain wrong. Show the person you are in a relationship with you truly love them and trust them.

Jo Anne and I trust one another a lot. I guess we have too in order for our relation to work for so long and with so much distant between us. When either one of us on out with friends, we tell the other who we are going out with and this includes guys and girls. I have told Jo Anne about all the friends I hung out with or do things with. Jo Anne told me about her friends and I have met some of her guy friends. I trust her because I know when it comes down to it I have her heart. Jo Anne know she has my heart and trust me. We share all kinds of things with one another in order to keep and grow that trust.


Valerie said...

Jealousy is an evil thing, it eats into a person's soul. I have heard it classed as an illness... in that case there should be a cure.

I do hope you and Jo Anne can get together soon ... permanently.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Thank you. I am sure Jo Anne and I will be together soon.

Jealousy is one on many evil things the will destroy someone life. I am not sure if I could look it an illness. It is something one get change and overcome. It may take some hard work and prayer.