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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Relaxing Easter Weekend

I had a great and relaxing Easter weekend. With a trip down to Marion and Old Fort, North Carolina to see my aunt and uncle. Then spending time with my family on Easter. Our family gatherings seems to be less hectic now that me and my bothers and sister are older. We send our time remembering our grandparents and holiday on the past. Our grandparents would be happy to see us talking instead of fighting. My family also is looking forward to Jo Anne to join us. Since we have waited and our still waiting on the approval we will have a big party when Jo Anne finally gets here. It is so disappointing to go to the post office and see no approval letter from Homeland Security, just no mail, junk mail or worse yet, bills. I am hoping that Jo Anne with be here for the Fourth of July so me can watch the fireworks at Roscoe's in Tuxedo, North Carolina.

Okay, lets get off the rabbit trail and back to the post at hand. Saturday, I headed down to see my and and uncle in Marion. I needed to drop some money off to them for gas to come up the mountain to see my mother for Easter. Mom wanted to show them her new place. I enjoyed my visit with my aunt and uncle. I took my aunt to the store so she could get her medicine and some food for her house while my uncle took a nap. While we rode to the store my aunt and I talked. I have not seen my aunt much since she moved down to Marion and it is good to send time with her.

I took Rayna down with me. While my aunt and I were at the store I left Rayna at my aunt's house. I was a little worried since Rayna have never been in their house before and my smell is not in the house like my house and my mother's house. Rayna did great. My aunt told me at Easter dinner that her was looking all over the living room last night for Rayna. She invited me down with Rayna to spend the night.

While waiting for my aunt and uncle to get home and after I finished visiting with them, I drove around Marion and Old Fort. I got some good pictures which I will some on my different blogs. I need to take a day when I do not have Rayna with me to explore Marion and Old Fort better. I do not like and want to leave Rayna in the car while I am at different place that I came not take her. So many towns now do not will you walk around town with a dog even on a lease. I would like to go to the Mountain Gateway Museum and the museum in the train depot in Old Fort. Of course walk around the downtown area of both Marion and Old Fort taking pictures of the churches for my blog, Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I think both towns have some interesting places to check out a little more then just driving by as I go to visit my aunt and uncle.

Easter Sunday went good for me except missing church. My alarm went off and I fell right back to sleep. By the time I woke up church was almost over with. I just relaxed with Rayna and played around a little on the internet until I headed over to my mother's place around 3:30 for Easter dinner. My youngest sister and oldest bother were there with their boyfriend and girlfriend. Mom's friend who lives in the same apartments was there too as while as my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle could not get over how much Hendersonville as grow in the area where my mom and I live. My sister, Lisa helped mom prepare dinner this year. I got there just as they were starting to eat. We enjoyed our time eating and talking. My sister Mary with my niece, Julianna got there a little later. My nephews were on a church outing that for some strange reason seems to off on Easter each year. It was good to be with my family this holiday weekend and catchup on what everyone is doing.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter too. Remember it is because "he has risen!" that we have hope and forgiveness for our sins.

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