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Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Of The Week: Toad On The Step Landing

I saw this toad on the landing of my front steps.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Musings: Simple Poems

I write simple poems.
I write because I enjoy it.
I write in hope you enjoy it.
I write them to express myself.
I write them to make a point.
I write them to make one think.
I write simple poems.

Written by Dan the Mountain Man

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baseball Homecoming!

I like watching the homecoming videos of our heroes returning home. It is wonderful so of the ways the soldiers surprise their children and other family members. Here is a video I found on Yahoo! News.

Read the news story.

Active Saturday

I knew I was going to have a busy day this Saturday. Little did I know how busy a day I would have.

I planned to work a little yard work and clean the house some. The only yard work I managed to done is want I did on Friday before work. I filled the rut in my parking area with gravel. It will be nice not step in to a three inch puddle of water when it rains. I will have to get a little more grave to full the rut a little much. When the rut is fully filled and no more flooding in my parking area, I plan to get some pea sized rock to cover the parking area. I refreshed the munch on the landings for my outdoor steps. It looks a lot better now. I guess that I will have to refresh it in the spring each year I am here at this house, which I hope is no more then a year after Jo Anne gets here. I was going to work on my compost pile but did not get around to it. I guess in May, I will put grass seed down and spread the compose over it. It will be nice to have grass instead of just dirt in the yard.

I headed out this morning to check with my supplier of the books I sell online. She was not at her store, so I will check back some time this week. Part of the house , I planned to do was prepare the more of books that I sell online that I got in the last batch of books. On my way back to my house, my mom and my sister called telling me that my brother, Tim, would be dropping off the bed my sister gave me. I got home and started cleaning out my bedroom. I removed the old mattress and vacuumed all the dog hair out that was around the mattress. I love Rayna but she shreds hair like crazy. I did not get as much done as I hoped. When my brother got to my house, we put the bed in and together in my bedroom. Then I went shopping for sheets for my new bed since it is a size bigger then my old mattress.

When I got back home, my mom called to let my know she was home from work. I quickly made my bed before heading over to my mom's house to take her out to dinner. We went out to Applebee's and we were very disappointed. The service was average but good. I felt robbed when I got the check for the dinner. The food and drink we got was not worth what they charged. It will be a while before I go back to Applebee's if ever to eat. I used to go to Applebee's a lot more often when the food was better and worth the price. They have gone down hill in food quality and the feel is different too.

After dinner, we went shopping for a dessert and drinks but the evening of watching television. We where finishing shopping when I got a text from my friend, Seth, asking me if I could take him to the hospital to get checked out. He had an accident with his scooter. I dropped mom off at her apartment and went to go get Seth. I spent the next couple hours with Seth at the hospital. Seth was okay just sprained his wrist.

Maybe I will get some things I planned to do Saturday done Sunday afternoon. I have a lot planned already after church. Some of them I need to do.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Of The Week: Looking To The Mountains

I took this picture this past weekend while visiting my aunt and uncle in Marion, North Carolina. I made it the new title picture.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Time!

It has been a long time that I haven't shared anything here.

Summer time in the Philippines seems getting more hotter and hotter each day. I am having a hard time moving around the house because of the heat. I feel lazy and all I want is to stay in front of the fan to relieve the heat I felt. Turning on the AC a lot makes me feel a little worried because I know it will increase our electric bill but my Dad needs it and I don't want him to get sick. I heard on the news that some people died already because of the heat stroke, and for that, I think much better to pay a little higher electric bill rather than paying hospital bill when one member of the family get sick. How I wish I could go on swimming this summer but don't have time to do it. There are things that I missed during summer, one, is the Vacation Bible School at church. Now that I am working, no time for me to become a teacher and be a part of it. Before, I usually handled Nursery department and I love spending time with the kids though sometimes they make me crazy but I really enjoyed their company. The other thing I missed is the Summer Camp. Even though I couldn't be a part of those activities at church during summer, still I am happy that I can do my ministry at work using my profession.

Let's all enjoy the summer and have fun!!! God bless everyone!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Relaxing Easter Weekend

I had a great and relaxing Easter weekend. With a trip down to Marion and Old Fort, North Carolina to see my aunt and uncle. Then spending time with my family on Easter. Our family gatherings seems to be less hectic now that me and my bothers and sister are older. We send our time remembering our grandparents and holiday on the past. Our grandparents would be happy to see us talking instead of fighting. My family also is looking forward to Jo Anne to join us. Since we have waited and our still waiting on the approval we will have a big party when Jo Anne finally gets here. It is so disappointing to go to the post office and see no approval letter from Homeland Security, just no mail, junk mail or worse yet, bills. I am hoping that Jo Anne with be here for the Fourth of July so me can watch the fireworks at Roscoe's in Tuxedo, North Carolina.

Okay, lets get off the rabbit trail and back to the post at hand. Saturday, I headed down to see my and and uncle in Marion. I needed to drop some money off to them for gas to come up the mountain to see my mother for Easter. Mom wanted to show them her new place. I enjoyed my visit with my aunt and uncle. I took my aunt to the store so she could get her medicine and some food for her house while my uncle took a nap. While we rode to the store my aunt and I talked. I have not seen my aunt much since she moved down to Marion and it is good to send time with her.

I took Rayna down with me. While my aunt and I were at the store I left Rayna at my aunt's house. I was a little worried since Rayna have never been in their house before and my smell is not in the house like my house and my mother's house. Rayna did great. My aunt told me at Easter dinner that her was looking all over the living room last night for Rayna. She invited me down with Rayna to spend the night.

While waiting for my aunt and uncle to get home and after I finished visiting with them, I drove around Marion and Old Fort. I got some good pictures which I will some on my different blogs. I need to take a day when I do not have Rayna with me to explore Marion and Old Fort better. I do not like and want to leave Rayna in the car while I am at different place that I came not take her. So many towns now do not will you walk around town with a dog even on a lease. I would like to go to the Mountain Gateway Museum and the museum in the train depot in Old Fort. Of course walk around the downtown area of both Marion and Old Fort taking pictures of the churches for my blog, Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. I think both towns have some interesting places to check out a little more then just driving by as I go to visit my aunt and uncle.

Easter Sunday went good for me except missing church. My alarm went off and I fell right back to sleep. By the time I woke up church was almost over with. I just relaxed with Rayna and played around a little on the internet until I headed over to my mother's place around 3:30 for Easter dinner. My youngest sister and oldest bother were there with their boyfriend and girlfriend. Mom's friend who lives in the same apartments was there too as while as my aunt and uncle. My aunt and uncle could not get over how much Hendersonville as grow in the area where my mom and I live. My sister, Lisa helped mom prepare dinner this year. I got there just as they were starting to eat. We enjoyed our time eating and talking. My sister Mary with my niece, Julianna got there a little later. My nephews were on a church outing that for some strange reason seems to off on Easter each year. It was good to be with my family this holiday weekend and catchup on what everyone is doing.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter too. Remember it is because "he has risen!" that we have hope and forgiveness for our sins.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Out On The Web: Classic FM

I was looking forward to listening to the online radio at Classic FM once I got the internet working at my house but it turns out that due to their broadcast right they allowed to play their broadcast out the United Kingdom. When I worked night audit at the hotel I would listen to Classic FM and loved it. Even through I can not listen any more I still recommend it to those who live in the United Kingdom. I guess I need to look fo another online classical radio station that does a great job like Classic FM. Maybe one day I will be able to travel to the United Kingdom and be able to listen again.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Musings: Spring Is Here!

Spring is here!
New life springs up;
From the death of winter.
A reminder of the death;
That gave us new life!

Written by Dan the Mountain Man