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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Helping Mom Move

You may have notice that I have not posted much in the last two week. Mom mom moved into a new apartment two weeks ago. I have been helping her move and also delivering some things that she is did not to other people that she gave things to.

My sister and brother helped and also my friend Seth helped mom move everything from the old apartment and to the new apartment. The move went smoothly and mom loves the new apartment. The new apartment in on one floor and as no stair she has to go up. Also at the new apartment they clear the roads when snow comes. Mom reported a leak in the sink and it was fixed within a couple hours on her reporting in to the office. Also one of her friends live in the same apartments.

This past Saturday, Seth and I headed down to Marion, North Carolina to drop off a rug to my aunt and uncle. I took Rayna with us. Seth and I took Rayna for a walk while at my aunt's house and saw some old cars from the 1950s and 60s in the woods above her house. After our visit with my aunt, Seth and I headed out to get lunch and work a little on the Grave A Day project for Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. After eating lunch, we stopped at a church cemetery to take some picture. When I got the camera out and turned it on to take a picture the battery was dead. I had the battery in the charger before leaving on the trip and I guess it did not charge the battery. After looking around the cemetery, Seth and I headed on into Old Fort, North Carolina and went to the Andrews Geyser.

I spent the first several days of this week looking for my camera and notebook. I searched all over mine and my mother's house looking for them. I left it at the restaurant where I met my mentor of Sunday afternoon. I did not recall taking them out while I was there. It drove me crazy looking for them especially the camera. I have a lot of pictures saved on it I what to keep. I use it a lot for the blogs and keep family memories.

A long with the moving, I have been busy at work. We have had some overtime a couple weeks in February. I hope we continue to stay busy at work. I will need the overtime just to pay for the gas to get to work. The high gas prices make things tighter but I have had no problems paying my bills. I only have had to put off some of the things I planned on doing off.

I hope to get the internet setup at my house sometime this month. With that I hope to be able to post more things to Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. My mentor will help we get the house prepared for Internet so all I will need to do is call the phone company to have DSL turned on. Things have been hard for my mentor since the economy took the down turn and he lost his job and he is now self employed. People are still having a hard time and the jobs are not coming in for him. I am glad that I will be able to help him out by having him do the work for me.

I am sure things will get better in the coming months. If you are able to help a neighbor or a friend please do so. It is the everyday people coming together that will pull us through this hard time.

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