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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally Internet At Home

While finally after two years of using my friends and hot spots to get online, I have internet at my house. I have been working on getting the connection to work for the since Thursday morning. I have learned that AT&T's customer service sucks. It is one of those times you get the feeling that you know more then the person who is suppose be helping you. I am glad that my mentor used to work work the phone company and knows how to get things working and who to call when he does not know.

I know I said this a lot of late but I hope to post more and better posts now with having the internet at home. Jo Anne and I are thankful for all those who follow Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. We enjoy doing our posts and reading your comments. While March have been a long and tiring month. I need to get off now to get a little sleep before more overtime at work.

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joeh said...

Internet at home will soon feel as necessary as indore plumbing!

Cranky Old Man