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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beautiful Days Of Spring

It has been hard to head to work with it being so nice outside. Spring is here. The weather is warm and the flowers and tree are starting to bloom. Even with the rain this pass weekend it still turned out to be good to do things outside. Soon it will be time to head out to the swim holes to go swimming. Enjoy hikes in the woods. I am only hoping that we get Jo Anne's Visa soon so we can enjoy the beautiful area that I live in together. This weekend, I am planning another trip down to Marion, North Carolina to see my aunt if I do not have to work.

I have been so attempted to get outside and lay out in the sun and start working on my tan. I have been working little by little on some home improvement projects around my home. I hope to use some of the extra money from the little overtime I have got at work for these projects. I still need to save more money for getting Jo Anne here but the home improvement things will help make our life more enjoyable.

Even with it being hard to go to work with it being so nice out it is work that makes it possible to do the things I enjoy to do and want to do. I am hoping for a great and enjoying summer. I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to the Philippines to get Jo Anne once the last approval is completely done.


joeh said...

Best of luck with it all. Gotta love the Spring.

Cranky Old Man

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Cranky ~ Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful spring too.