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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still Waiting!!!

Last year at this time, I was running around gathering papers and preparing papers so the lawyer got file the forms for Jo Anne's Visa. I was happy to finally be able to file for Jo Anne's Visa after going through a time on little work or no job at all. Jo Anne and I prayed everyday that I would get a stable job so we could file the paperwork. In December of 2010, I was hired on a regular employee at the warehouse that I had been working as a temp since May of 2010. With the help of the lawyer and is wonder staff the forms were filed on the last day we could file for Jo Anne's Visa without me having to go back to the Philippines. We filed the forms in the first days of March and the waiting game started.

In August of 2011, I had an appointment with Immigration in Charlotte. It was the fastest appointment with the government I ever had. Check in and the fingerprinting took all of ten minutes. Noting like a two hour drive for a ten minute appointment. It was worth every bit of it. I had more time to drive around the city of Charlotte. The Democrats picked a beautiful city for their National Convention later this year.

I have been checking the mail box at the post office everyday waiting for the day the approval letter will be in there. Jo Anne and I pray it will come soon. Once we get the approval from Homeland Security, the next step is the approval from the State Department. We hope the State Department will be a lot faster. We will know when it is near when Jo Anne has her interview at the United States Embassy in Manila. By all accounts we have heard the approval from the State Department comes a week to two weeks after the interview.

As we continue to wait for the approval, I have been busy preparing my house for Jo Anne and trying to save extra money for the trip to get her and to start our lives together. And in this waiting period, I have gotten a couple pay raises and scheduled to get another one in March. We are also starting to plan out my week in the Philippines and wedding plans. After this long period of not being able to do anything but wait, we will be very busy with a lot of different things. Jo Anne and I keep our faith and know God will provide all that we need.


joeh said...

Gotcha in my prayers.

Cranky Old MAn

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Cranky Old Man ~ Thank you for your prayers.

Valerie said...

My goodness, I would have thought you and Jo Anne would have been together by now. What a long wait you've had and not over yet. Praying to God that things will speed up from now on.

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Valerie ~ Thank you for your comment. Of course we will post the news as soon as the approval comes.