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Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year Celebration: Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Year 2011 has ended and as I look back to what had happened for the whole year, I can say God is truly faithful and just. I really thank the Lord for the successful operation of my Dad last February due to Prostate enlargement (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and the biopsy result was benign. Indeed, God is a great healer. He also healed me from the infection that I got last 2010. After almost 3 years of waiting, I thank God for giving my Love Daniel a stable job and that way he able to file the paper works for my visa and now we are waiting to hear for the approval from the Homeland Security then from the State Department. We keep our faith and our trust to God that one of this days we will get the approval letter. I thank God also for the Family Bonding that we had last September when my brother Noel and his whole family came back from Australia to spent their short vacation with us, and a great blessing from the Lord that before 2011 ended, they got their own house where they spent their first Christmas and New Year. God also has blessed me with a stable job together with my brother Jonjon. Though struggles and trials keep coming our way, I can say we have a big God who is greater than our problems, who never leaves us nor forsake us.

Morning of Dec. 31, everyone are busy preparing food for the New Year's Eve celebration. The same thing what we did last Christmas, my sister in law Cristy and I prepared foods that we have shared in the night while waiting for 12 midnight to welcome the new year. Cristy prepared chicken barbecue, pansit canton and I prepared macaroni salad, fruit cake, ham and cheese roll, hotdogs to grilled for the kids, some ham for the bread, softdrinks and wine for our drinks. Few hours to go before we close 2011, I went to church to attend the worship service. When we get back at home, we start preparing the table outside where we can put our food. At exactly 12 midnight we watched the fireworks and it is all beautiful. I just wish I had some pictures of the fireworks so I can share here. I tried to take several times but it is all blurred because of the smoke. The celebration has ended around 1am then after cleaning all the mess I came online to talk with my Love and I am very happy to see him on cam and welcome the New year talking with him. We thank God so much that we didn't missed any single day for the whole year without talking with one another even we are miles apart.

2012, new year, new beginning and new challenges to face in life. It is good to start the year serving the Lord. The first day of January my dad and I went to church and I was so blessed with the topic "God can use you in 2012". (Matthew 9:36-37; 10:7). God can use us when we see others compassionately, when we respond to His challenges enthusiastically, when we come to Him prayerfully, when we accept His power trustingly and when we share the gospel joyfully. A blessing for me that I can join the Season of Prayer for this year, I just wish I can complete the 15 days but i will missed some days because of work.

I am looking forward that this year will be more fruitful and meaningful for everyone. I believe that God will answer my prayers too and hoping to be with my Love for this year. Let us surrender our lives to God and let Him use us for His glory. Happy New Year to everyone and God bless us always!!!

"Live as if God is coming today. Work as if God is coming tomorrow."

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