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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Broke Cell Phone

While I did it again on Monday morning, my cell phone dropped off the table and hit the floor. When I picked it up off the floor the screen was cracked. I guess it hit just right to crack the screen because I have dropped cell phones before from higher and onto harder surfaces. Thank God, I have insurance on my cell phone. I filed the claim on Tuesday and got the replacement yesterday. Jo Anne and I use Yahoo Instant Messenger on our cell phones to talk with one another, so having a cell phone is very important to me.

Having my accident with my cell phone, I decided to make a list of ways cell phone can be lost or damaged.

1.You have the phone on vibrate and when some one rings you the phone vibrates off the table into a glass of water. Someone told me that they met someone that this happened too.
2.You drop the phone and it gets washed down a drainage drain. This happened to me with my last phone.
3.You cell phone goes through a wood chipper. I have seen this happen to a pager back when everyone had pager not cell phones. Remember to put your phone some where safe when operating a wood chipper.
4.You drop your phone in the lake while your fishing. I have heard many of these stories. I am glad I do not fish that much.
5.You drop your phone in the latrine while camping. Okay, I am not going down there to get it for you.
6.You are looking over the edge up at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City and your phone drops out of you pocket. I wonder how small the pieces will be when it hits the ground.
7.You dog eats your phone. Hey, some dogs will eat any thing. Glad my dog does not.
8.I think it is in Thailand where they have the monkeys on the city streets. While your watching the monkeys play with a cell phone and laughing until you realize the phone their playing with is yours.
9.Your drop your phone while you are getting in your and car do not realize it until it is too late. Yeah, your run over the phone. Fortunately, this has not happen to me but I have heard about it happening to people.
10.You lose your phone and you spend all day looking for it. You turned the ringer off too. To make it worse, when you find it, it is right in the happen or where you normally put it. Hey you know it has happened to you.

While I hope the above things do not happen to you or me any time soon. Some people just have bad luck with cell phones I guess.

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