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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Gift Of A Bullet For Robber

Saturday morning, two guys walk in to a Waffle House in South Carolina to rob the restaurant. While there guys did not get a great tasting waffle or hash brown all the way which they should have ordered. After they pulled their guns and made their order for the money and treating people in the restaurant with their guns. They found a customer, who had a concealed gun permit, with his gun pointed at them. In the end, the one robber got a birthday gift of a bullet not the money he was wanting. Yes, it was his nineteenth birthday and he got the just rewards for being stupid. His partner got away and later arrested.

I do not take any happiness in any ones death. I do support ones right to protect themselves and others from the stupidity of others. I believe the customer did the right thing. As for the robber, if you want money go get a job or start your own business. At the very least, take advantage of the benefits offered by the government. Do not go stealing money that someone else has worked hard for. If you think you are going to hurt the rich guys at the top of the company by robbing the business, you are wrong there. You end up hurting the employees there that work hard for the little bit of the money they take home. They do not need some selfish dummy stealing money from them.

Read the newspaper article here.

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