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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Joyful Christmas

Christmas is the most awaited day of everybody especially the children. It is the time when our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Let us all remember that Jesus is the true reason for this season.

For this year, I can say I had a wonderful Christmas with my family though I'm just missing the presence of my eldest brother together with his family because they already moved in Australia, and of course I miss a lot the presence of my Love. I keep praying and hoping next Christmas we are already together.

The day before Christmas, I was busy preparing some food that we are going to partake for our Noche Buena. I woke up early and went to the market to get some stuff I need for Spaghetti. My brother and I prepared different foods. I made fruit salad, spaghetti, I bought some Puto and get some drinks too while my sister in law made some macaroni salad and chicken nuggets sandwich. Around 4:30PM, I went to church together with my dad and brother Jonjon to attend the candle light service. It's a great joy for me that my dad joined us again at church after a long time and I thank God for that. When we got back home, we took our dinner and take some rest while we wait until 12 midnight to have our Noche Buena and exchange gift as we welcome Christmas. I'm very happy that I spent more time talking with my Love and able to see him on cam after our Noche Buena.I miss him more and wishing we were together by that time.

On Christmas day, lot of kids came to our house and some of my god children came over too. I gave the gifts I prepared for my god children and my dad gave some money for the kids as his gift for Christmas. Around 10:30am, my dad and I went to the cemetery to visit my Mom's grave then we went to SM to take our lunch there. After our lunch, we go straight at Quezon City Memorial Circle to meet my brother and his family. We took our snacks first before walking around the area.

It is so nice to have a family bonding and spent more time walking and talking with one another. I thank God so much for the wonderful celebration we had. Indeed, God is faithful and His love for us is great that He sent Jesus to bring us back to His arms. To God be the glory now and forever!!!

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