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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Helping Mom This Week

This week, I have been helping my mom with a couple things. This past weekend we started are annual search for an angel calendar for the next here. On Monday, she took her car into the garage to get so well needed repairs done.

On Saturday, mom and I headed down to Greenville, South Carolina to eat at a bar-b-que buffet in Travelers Rest and look around in a couple stores. My mom collects angels and she likes to have a calendar with angels for the year. I buy my mom different angel things now and then. There are a ton of different items with angels as the subject. We have no problems finding pictures, books, and statuettes but, we have the hardest time finding a calendar. In all our searching Saturday, we only found one calendar. I guess it will be like last year with the angel calendar with searching through the stores and finding only one calendar. A couple years ago we could find at least one angel calendar in every store that had calendars for sale. Now it seems we are lucky if we can find in one calendar in only one store is all of the area we look.

My mom has been driving around with out power steering on her car for a couple months now. Recently, she has been having problems with her car stalling. It is getting cold this time of year, so it is not a good thing for your car to be dying on the side of the road. So she took the car into the garage. It turn out that the censor that is near or has something to do with the power steering went bad and it was causing the car to stall. We decided to get the of the power steering system fixed. My mom was planning to let it go until she had enough money saved up to get a new car. She hopes to have enough money by spring or summer. I have been taking her to work in the morning and picking her up when she gets off in the afternoon. I am glad she got her car back yesterday, taking my mom to work messes my sleeping up. We are starting to work a little overtime due to the holidays and everyone using the last of their vacation days at work.

I am sure we will find a nice angel calendar for mom before the new year. I also need to pickup a calendar for my house too. I am glad that I do not have to worry that mom's car may stall on her while I am at work and there maybe no one to help her.

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