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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying And Spreading Christmas Joy

The pass few days, I have been busy with going to parties and helping make the Christmas season a little better for others.

My mom had a Christmas party to go to Saturday in which she needed something to take which I took care of for her without her asking me for help. My mom enjoyed the party. While she was at the party I head out to have some time for myself. I stopped and got something to eat. While I enjoyed eating I hoped online with the free wi-fi at the restaurant. I was looking for ideas for things I could do to improve my Blogs. After, I finish eating and surfing, I when to look around the different stores nearby looking for mom's angel calendar and other things.

While I was looking around in the first store my oldest sister, Mary called and asked if I could be an extra pair of eyes with she goes shopping for my nephew's birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I met up with my sister and helped watch the kids while she gets the things she needed for the party. The kids mostly behaved themselves in the stores. Mary got most of the things she was looking for. She ordered and cake and asked me if I would pick it up after church on my way to the party.

After church on Sunday, my mom, sister Lisa and I headed up to the birthday party. My mom and I helped cook the food and prepare the snacks served at the party. My sister had a kids play different games which included musical chairs, stick the tail on the donkey, guess how many pieces of candy are in the container, and a pi┼łata. The kids enjoyed the games and the prizes they got for winning the games. My nephew enjoyed his seventh birthday party.

After my nephew birthday party, my mom and I headed home and I got ready for a Christmas party with my friends from church. I enjoyed my time at the Christmas party.

On Monday, my mom and I headed down to Marion, North Carolina to see my aunt. While in Marion, I paid one of my aunt's medical bills from her trips to the hospital earlier this here. Paying some of my aunt's medical bills is part of my sharing the blessing from God to bless others. I only share it here in the hopes it encourages others to do the same. I also took my aunt to her eye appointment. She got good news that her eyesight did not change and no new problems.

God has blessed Jo Anne and I over the past year. We hope to get the approval for Jo Anne's Visa soon. When we final get together, we plan to continue to find ways to bless others with the blessings we receive.

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