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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 In Review

I cannot believe this is the last day of 2011. Like a lot of people I had my struggles this year but I have had a lot of good things happen too. Some things that I hoped would happen did not happen. I had some good surprises too.

I got hired on at my job as a regular employee at the end of 2010. I has been good to finally work for a company gives pay raises when they say they will give pay raises. I have made in my life and seems stable at this point. I also have started selling books online and doing good with it. I hope that in 2012 the book sales do even better. Even with my job going good, I have a lot of friends and family that are unemployed now. Some have run out of their unemployment benefits. Even with their struggles in this hard time, they are lucky to have family and friends helping them.

One thing that my job made possible is the filing for Jo Anne's Visa. Our lawyer helped us get the paperwork filed before the deadline. When I came back from my visit almost 3 years ago now to the Philippines to meet Jo Anne, I found out I did not have a job to good back too. We are in the waiting part of the Visa process now. We are excepting an answer from Homeland Security any day now and then it is over the State Department.

My aunt almost died in the spring. My family and I rushed to the hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. We are thankful to all the with the emergency crews and the hospital that saved her life.

I was blessed when I had a tire go flat on me on the way to church one Sunday and another local church paid for all four new tires for my car. A member from the church stopped to help my mentor and I change the tire. The next thing I know, the guys who help changed the tire called and said his church was going to pay for new tires for me. This was a great help to me.

This fall, my mentor had a heart attack. It was great to see the faith that my mentor has and the many ways God worked things out for him. Business slowed before his heart attack with his business and now that he is able to work again his business is picking back up. Insurance and other things are coming together to help take care of the cost of the hospital stay.

This past year was full of mountain highs and Valley lows but, God was there all the way. I am thankful for all the blessings I seen this year for all my family and friends and for myself. I am looking forward to seeing the great things God has in store for 2012.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Of The WeeK: Resting In The Tree

I saw this squirrel sleeping in a tree. Woke just before I took this picture. The ones I got while he was sleeping do not turn out as good. But he did stay put for the picture.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Angel Calendar Success!

I lucked out today in my annual search for an angel calendar for my mom. As I shared with you before Christmas, each year my mom ans I look for a angel calendar for the new year. My mom collects angels and loves any things to do with angels. I found them in two stores that I already looked in. One I found in a calendar store setup for the end of the year and the other I found in a local Christian book store. I brought them both and I am sure mom will love the calendars. I just cannot believe that it is so hard to find angel calendars now. It used to be so easy to find them, you could found at least one at any store that sold calendar. Maybe next year my mom and I will have a easier time of finding one.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Joyful Christmas

Christmas is the most awaited day of everybody especially the children. It is the time when our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Let us all remember that Jesus is the true reason for this season.

For this year, I can say I had a wonderful Christmas with my family though I'm just missing the presence of my eldest brother together with his family because they already moved in Australia, and of course I miss a lot the presence of my Love. I keep praying and hoping next Christmas we are already together.

The day before Christmas, I was busy preparing some food that we are going to partake for our Noche Buena. I woke up early and went to the market to get some stuff I need for Spaghetti. My brother and I prepared different foods. I made fruit salad, spaghetti, I bought some Puto and get some drinks too while my sister in law made some macaroni salad and chicken nuggets sandwich. Around 4:30PM, I went to church together with my dad and brother Jonjon to attend the candle light service. It's a great joy for me that my dad joined us again at church after a long time and I thank God for that. When we got back home, we took our dinner and take some rest while we wait until 12 midnight to have our Noche Buena and exchange gift as we welcome Christmas. I'm very happy that I spent more time talking with my Love and able to see him on cam after our Noche Buena.I miss him more and wishing we were together by that time.

On Christmas day, lot of kids came to our house and some of my god children came over too. I gave the gifts I prepared for my god children and my dad gave some money for the kids as his gift for Christmas. Around 10:30am, my dad and I went to the cemetery to visit my Mom's grave then we went to SM to take our lunch there. After our lunch, we go straight at Quezon City Memorial Circle to meet my brother and his family. We took our snacks first before walking around the area.

It is so nice to have a family bonding and spent more time walking and talking with one another. I thank God so much for the wonderful celebration we had. Indeed, God is faithful and His love for us is great that He sent Jesus to bring us back to His arms. To God be the glory now and forever!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Merry Little Christmas!

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. As we take time to remember the greatest gift every given, that being the Son of God, Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

I spent Christmas Eve, doing the last of my mom's Christmas shopping, getting some gifts for mom and the last of the things needed for Christmas dinner. I also enjoyed sometime talking with my Love using the web cam on my computer. I wish it was in person. I am sure next year, we will be celebrating Christmas together.

This year, my church had three services for Christmas which were all the same. Two on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas morning. I went to the 6 PM service on Christmas Eve with my mom and sister, Lisa. The best part of the service was when a young man came up to me and told me that he was going into full time ministry and I played a part in it. Twelve years ago, I was a camp counselor at a summer camp and he was one of my campers. He told me that I was one of many people that God put in his life that show him the love of God to him. After the service, we talked a little more and prayed. Hearing what he said made me feel good that God used me to change someone's life and help spread the Good News of Jesus to people I will never meet.

Christmas morning, I spent the morning exchanging text messages with friends and family. I got a phone call from my Love. We enjoyed talking to one another and Jo Anne talked with my mom. The call made me wish that Jo Anne was here to celebrate Christmas with us. I do miss her so much.

My family joined we over at my mom's house for Christmas dinner. Mom prepared roast beef this year for something different. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and then we had the gift opening time. My sister's kids had a good Christmas this year with different people getting gifts for them. I hope my sister is able to find a job soon. After the gift opening we shared in some desserts. It was a Merry Little Christmas for me this year.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Photo Of The Week: Christmas Lights

I enjoy driving by this house each December. There are couple people around Hendersonville, North Carolina that go all out with there Christmas lights. I enjoy looking at them and can not wait to drive around with Jo Anne to look at them next year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Break!

This past few weeks, I have been too busy at work and don't have a chance to write and share something on our blog. It's been a month now since I posted my last entry here.

November is the busy month at work for this year, because we moved to our new building called Hills of Grace which is located at Montalban Rizal. From the time we moved there, I also need to stay at work during my four days of duty because I do not want to travel anymore during night time and for my safety too. All of us are busy transferring and arranging our things there and of course cleaning the whole area upon our arrival. December 1, 2011 is the "BAYANIHAN" day at work, where all the staff came over and had designated areas to clean as preparation for the Inauguration which is done last December 3, 2011. After the Inauguration, the next preparation we did is for the Children's Christmas Party which is done last Dec. 16, 2011 and the SCM Staff Christmas Party which is done last Dec. 19, 2011. That is also my last day at work for this year.

It is good to have a 2 weeks break this Christmas Season. I have more time to spend with my family, More time to talk with my Love Daniel, more time to rest and of course more time to meditate for the true meaning and reason for this season which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Few days before Christmas, I was rushed doing Christmas shopping for some gifts to all my god children. It is really hard for me to budget the money to buy gifts for more than 40 kids. Here in the Philippines, I could say it is the tradition for the kids to visit and come over to the house of their relatives and godparents to give respect through "MANO PO". In return the godparents and their relatives prepared small gifts or sometimes give a certain amount to them. It's good to see how happy they are when they receive a gifts.

As of now, i'm really enjoying my day at home. We are going to prepare some food on the night of 24th to have our Noche Buena together with my brother and his family. My dad and I are planning to go out this Christmas to visit my Mom's grave at the cemetery then we will go straight to Trinoma to take our lunch there, then we will meet my brother Jonjon together with his family at Quezon City Memorial Circle to walk around and have our dinner together in one restaurant there. I hope and pray I will be with my Love Daniel by next year so we can enjoy and celebrate different occasions together. I trust God He will answer our prayers and we will hear good news on my visa.

I hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Let us all enjoy the Holiday Season of this year. God bless us all!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun Christmas Gifts

Back when I was in college the Tickle Me Elmo was the popular gift to give for Christmas. It was so popular that you could get a Tickle Me Elmo in the college book store where I went to college. I do not know what the big Christmas gift is this year and have not heard anything about a must get gift for this Christmas like the Tickle Me Elmo was. Here is my list of interesting gifts that I have seen for sale this Christmas season.

Hoodie-Footie – I have not worn footie pajamas since I was a little boy. Now they make footie pajamas for adults. Perfect gift for the person in your life who just will not grow up. I think it would be cool just to have a Hoodie-Footie.

Leg Lamp – While I was out Christmas shopping with my mother this past weekend I saw in one of the stores, the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Okay, it was not as big as the one in the movie but it was modeled after it. A Christmas Story is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Obama Chia Pet – I always wanted to get a chia pet but never seemed to have the money to waste on one. If I had the money, I would get the whole line of president chia pets they have. Last year, the Obama Chia pet were hard to find. I heard it was because when the plants grown on the chia pet it looks like President Obama was a fro. Some people were offended. Okay people, it is a chia pet and all the people ones look like they have a fro.

Singing Turkey Hut – I think this one was leftover from Thanksgiving, but I have seen it in the local Wal-mart. The singing fish was a big thing around here several years ago. Hey, I have a turkey dancing and singing on my head.

What are some interesting things have you come across while Christmas shopping that would make unique gift this Christmas?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Preparing for Next Year and Christmas Shopping

December has been a busy month for me. This Saturday, I started working on a project that I am plan to do for my other Blog, Spiritual Places, Spiritual Moments. The main purpose of yesterday was to see if it would be feasible to do the project. At this point, it seems that I will only have a few problems, which I should be able to come up with a good solution for them. I will do a little more work on the project on this coming Friday and Saturday while I am on my Christmas Break from work. I will tell you more about the project, once I have more of it done and have the biggest problem that I see at this time taking care of.

Today after church today, I took mom up to Asheville, North Carolina, so she could do some Christmas shopping at the stores up there. I was surprised that many of the stores that we went into where not as busy as I thought they would be. I could tell people had been there. I hope that the employees have been cleaning and stocking each day. While, mom did get half her shopping and we are planning to finish the rest of her shopping on Friday or Saturday evening.

While, Jo Anne is on her Christmas break she plans to do a couple post for Mountain Highs and Valley Lows. She feels bad about not posting anything in a while due to work. I have a few ideas that I will be working on too. I hope all my you enjoy this final week before Christmas.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying And Spreading Christmas Joy

The pass few days, I have been busy with going to parties and helping make the Christmas season a little better for others.

My mom had a Christmas party to go to Saturday in which she needed something to take which I took care of for her without her asking me for help. My mom enjoyed the party. While she was at the party I head out to have some time for myself. I stopped and got something to eat. While I enjoyed eating I hoped online with the free wi-fi at the restaurant. I was looking for ideas for things I could do to improve my Blogs. After, I finish eating and surfing, I when to look around the different stores nearby looking for mom's angel calendar and other things.

While I was looking around in the first store my oldest sister, Mary called and asked if I could be an extra pair of eyes with she goes shopping for my nephew's birthday party on Sunday afternoon. I met up with my sister and helped watch the kids while she gets the things she needed for the party. The kids mostly behaved themselves in the stores. Mary got most of the things she was looking for. She ordered and cake and asked me if I would pick it up after church on my way to the party.

After church on Sunday, my mom, sister Lisa and I headed up to the birthday party. My mom and I helped cook the food and prepare the snacks served at the party. My sister had a kids play different games which included musical chairs, stick the tail on the donkey, guess how many pieces of candy are in the container, and a pi┼łata. The kids enjoyed the games and the prizes they got for winning the games. My nephew enjoyed his seventh birthday party.

After my nephew birthday party, my mom and I headed home and I got ready for a Christmas party with my friends from church. I enjoyed my time at the Christmas party.

On Monday, my mom and I headed down to Marion, North Carolina to see my aunt. While in Marion, I paid one of my aunt's medical bills from her trips to the hospital earlier this here. Paying some of my aunt's medical bills is part of my sharing the blessing from God to bless others. I only share it here in the hopes it encourages others to do the same. I also took my aunt to her eye appointment. She got good news that her eyesight did not change and no new problems.

God has blessed Jo Anne and I over the past year. We hope to get the approval for Jo Anne's Visa soon. When we final get together, we plan to continue to find ways to bless others with the blessings we receive.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Helping Mom This Week

This week, I have been helping my mom with a couple things. This past weekend we started are annual search for an angel calendar for the next here. On Monday, she took her car into the garage to get so well needed repairs done.

On Saturday, mom and I headed down to Greenville, South Carolina to eat at a bar-b-que buffet in Travelers Rest and look around in a couple stores. My mom collects angels and she likes to have a calendar with angels for the year. I buy my mom different angel things now and then. There are a ton of different items with angels as the subject. We have no problems finding pictures, books, and statuettes but, we have the hardest time finding a calendar. In all our searching Saturday, we only found one calendar. I guess it will be like last year with the angel calendar with searching through the stores and finding only one calendar. A couple years ago we could find at least one angel calendar in every store that had calendars for sale. Now it seems we are lucky if we can find in one calendar in only one store is all of the area we look.

My mom has been driving around with out power steering on her car for a couple months now. Recently, she has been having problems with her car stalling. It is getting cold this time of year, so it is not a good thing for your car to be dying on the side of the road. So she took the car into the garage. It turn out that the censor that is near or has something to do with the power steering went bad and it was causing the car to stall. We decided to get the of the power steering system fixed. My mom was planning to let it go until she had enough money saved up to get a new car. She hopes to have enough money by spring or summer. I have been taking her to work in the morning and picking her up when she gets off in the afternoon. I am glad she got her car back yesterday, taking my mom to work messes my sleeping up. We are starting to work a little overtime due to the holidays and everyone using the last of their vacation days at work.

I am sure we will find a nice angel calendar for mom before the new year. I also need to pickup a calendar for my house too. I am glad that I do not have to worry that mom's car may stall on her while I am at work and there maybe no one to help her.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

70 Years After Pearl Harbor

Seventy years ago, the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. This attacked brought the United States fully into Would War II. As part of the the attack plan, the Japanese also attacked the Philippines and other islands in the Pacific. I would like to take some time to remember all who served and those who died in World War II.

While I was visiting with Jo Anne in the Philippines, we took the time to visit a couple historical locations which have had reading the history of World War II more real. If you are fortunate enough to live near a place where a battle or other action of the war took place, go there and reflect on the sacrifice that the brave men and women made on both sides. If you do not live near a location that was part of World War II history, take the time to talk with a veteran of World War II. Ask if your can record you interview. They are passing away now and there is no better way to learn about history then by someone who was there when in happened.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Photo Of The Week: Surviving Mushrooms

I first saw these mushrooms before Thanksgiving Day. I notice them again this week, surprise they survived the high traffic area they are in and with my nephews being there for the holiday.