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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working Around The House

This weekend, I have been busy with some work project around my house. I started to work on my plans to get the my place ready for winter and for when Jo Anne get here. At this point I am figuring that an approval is coming since it is taking so long. With my dealing with government the longer the wait the better the response for you. Jo Anne and I hope to hear the good news any day now. I have been checking the post box everyday.

I finally brought the third bookshelf for my books. It did not take me long to long to put the new set of shelves together. I sent more time looking for a part that was right in front of my eyes then putting the shelves together. The new set of shelves look better then the set of plastic shelves I had in the middle of the two old shelves. The plastic shelves, I moved to the kitchen to hopefully used for the kitchen stuff. I guess this week, I will be putting the books that have been laying on the floor onto the news shelves. Then I will slowly organize them, so I can found the book I want quicker. I will have to see if I need to get another set of shelves or not after I put the books up. With a little moving around I think I could get one more in the living room. I need to start organizing the office so I can start using it. I plan to have at least I small set of shelves in there for my genealogy books and other projects I am working on.

I have three compost piles sitting out in my yard now. I am off to a good start on my plan to put grass seed down in the spring and maybe a garden. I have the leaves raked up. Unfortunately, there is one or two trees that still have leaves on them so I will have a little more raking to do over the next week or two. I have taking some of the leaves and used them to full the hole up where I park my car. I plan to put mulch down over top the leaves to make the parking area look better. I hope that I do not need too many bags of mulch for my parking spot project. I do not want to put a whole lot of money in to things I can not take with me since I am only renting the place. Jo Anne and I plan to stay where I am right now until we have enough saved for a down payment of a house of our own. In the meantime, I will do little improvement projects where I am now. I had some people ask my why I am doing some of the things around the house. One reason is that I want to have things looking better then what my landlord can do. I do have a good landlord but some of the other tenets are happy to live in junk. The other reason is I can use it as practice to see what works and what does not work in the yard. Then when Jo Anne and I get our own place we will have a better landscaping plan.

I got some plastic for my windows. I was surprised at how much it cut down on the drafts from the windows. I only need to do the window where the air-condition is and the one in the bathroom since I left the plastic up from last year. I will check the other windows to see if the plastic needs to be replace but they looked go this weekend when I check quickly. I will need to get some insulation in a can to seal up a couple holes and insulate the outlets. That should take care of winterizing the house for this year.

Once i get the books put on the shelves I put up this weekend, I can start working on the other things inside the house to prepare for Jo Anne coming. I need a get a sofa and a new bed frame. I have been pricing both at stores around the area. I saw some good looking sofas at a thrift store in town for a reasonable price but I plan to wait until I have things setup for the travel to bring Jo Anne here.

It seem that work around a house never ends and I am sure I will have more to do as time goes on. I look at it as a blessing to have a place to take care of and enjoy.

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