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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Lot Happened This Week

Last week, I got an eye exam and order new glasses. Sunday afternoon, I got new steel toed shoes for work. On Wednesday, I lost my cell phone down a drain in a parking lot. In all that happen this week, I am thankful for what I have.

I got vision insurance at work as part of my benefits. I decided that I should use it since I have been paying for it. I had my eye exam last Thursday and received my new glasses on this Thursday. My eyes have not changed that much so I did not need to get new glasses. My old glasses are over four years old. The exam and glasses can to the big total of $22. I will use the new glasses for doing my running around, special events and church. My old glasses I will use for work. This way I have a pair of glasses that look good when I have a special events to go to.

Last Sunday, I went to a discount shoe store up in Asheville, North Carolina. My shoes that I have been using for work were in need of replacing. The front is starting to come off. That is not very safe if I happen to drop something on my foot at work. Which I have done and some products in the warehouse are very heavy. I got my old shoes at Wal-mart and I am surprised that they lasted over a year before they got to the point of needing to be replaced. Not bad for a pair of shoes costing $28. The company I work for pays 60 percent of steeled toed shoes up to $50. I decided to try to get a major brand of shoes this time with the use of the benefit. I got a pair of Wolverines for $61 with tax and the company reimbursed me $37, so the shoes ended up costing me only $24. I had a spare pair on shoes in my locker at work in case I forget my shoe at home which I have done. I plan on getting another pair of shoe next year, so I can which the shoes off so they will last longer I hope.

Wednesday, it was raining when I got out of my car at the meeting spot for the car-pool for work. I had my cell phone in my jacket pocket. My phone fell out of the pocket and was washed down the drain in the parking lot. I looked all over and could not find it, so I headed on to work. After work I headed to my mom's house and got a flashlight and returned to where I parked my car while at work and looked there. I found it down in the drain. I lifted the cover and retrieved my phone from the drain. In the morning, I filed a claim and received the replacement phone on Friday. I hated losing my phone since it is the main way that Jo Anne and I talk with one another. I find it amazing that we can talk everyday even with being over 8,000 miles away from one another.

So many of the things that made my life easier this past week we take for granted. I believe we should be glad for the blessing we do have instead of looking at the things we do not have. Maybe the things we do not have are as important as the blessings we all ready have.

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