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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yea, I Passed My Car Inspection

I got my car inspected on Tuesday. I am glad I have less trouble with getting it pass inspection this year. I hope the guy I took it to last year is missing all the money he is not getting from me. I was going to one of these quick lube places for my oil changes. I thought I would get my my inspection done there since I needed a oil change too. While this idiot told me he could not pass my car for something doing with my car. I took it somewhere else to get fixed since they do not do that kind of work there. I talked to the guys who fixed the problem and the couple real mechanic and they all told me that the problem was not something that was covered on the State Inspection. The mechanic checked out my car and told me that it should pass now. I took my car back to the quick lube and he still would not pass my car pointing out more things that had nothing to do with the inspection. I left and headed to where I get my tires and pass the inspection with only needing to fix one small thing.

This year, I was going to take it to the tire place but my check engine light came on so I took it to my regular mechanic. My regular mechanic fixed the problem with the light and passed my inspection all for less then fifty dollars. When it comes to my car it is the good service not the cheap service that keeps me coming back. Good service may cost more sometimes but in the long run it cost you less. My regular mechanic remembers who I am and about my car. That is without a computer. Plus he changes less on some things then other places. I know when he tells me something about my car I can trust his word.

The bottom line with this is my car is helps me make money. So you mess with my car you mess with my money. You just do not mess with a man's money. So do not mess with my car, especially if you want some of my money.


joeh said...

Two things you never change when you find a good one.

A good Dentist and a good Mechanic.

Cranky Old Man

Dan the Mountain Man said...

Cranky Old Man ~ That is so true. Find a good trusted mechanic is a very hard thing to do.