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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Stressful Week But Full Of Blessings

This week I was busy at work, my friend and mentor had a heart attack, and helped one of my mom's friends move to a new place. I feel like, I have been so busy the past few weeks. I plan to relax the next two weekends coming up.

I only worked two hours of overtime this week but still have a lot of order to pack. I am also still waiting for my pay raise. The blessing is when they finally give it to we, I get retro pay for to the second week of August. My understanding is the person in Human Resources that signs off my the raises has been out for three weeks. Good things I am not hurting for the money. Maybe it will be on this coming week's pay check.

Wednesday night, I got a call from the wife of my friend and mentor telling me they took him to the hospital because he had a heart attack. He is recovering nicely and is back home. My mentor is a great blessing to me and has giving me lot of great and Godly advise. The blessing with this is he looks a lot better and he maybe be able to take part in a study that will pay for his medicine.

The most stressful part of the week has helping my mom's friend move this weekend. She had been living in the same house for over ten years. The place she moved into is smaller, a lot smaller. She is a high stressed person to start with and then adding moving which is stressful to anyone. I was not prepared to deal with the stress as well as I would have like to be due to only getting a few hours sleep between work and helping her. Most of the stuff she give to my mom and I, we had to throw away for various reasons. I had problems finding people to help with moving her. My friend Seth came to help. God provided some other people through the social worker that is helping my mom's friend.

I have been having problems with my cell phone so I ended up getting a new phone today. The cell phone is my main way to talking with Jo Anne, so you see that it is important that it works good. Jo Anne and I missed our normal Saturday morning routine of seeing one another on web cam. I hope with the new phone Yahoo IM works better. I have been missing talking with my Love.

I am sure this week will be better. Maybe full of good news.

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