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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Aunt's Birthday Dinner

Today, I took a trip down to Marion, North Carolina with my mom and sister, Lisa to see my aunt and uncle. We had a enjoyable trip down Old Fort Mountain as we looks at the beautiful tree that are full of color. After arrive at my aunt and uncle's house we talked a little before heading to the restaurant. My aunt told us about the Survivors Dinner the McDowell County EMS workers has for the people they helped in the past year. My aunt got to meet all the people form the EMS who saved her life earlier this year. We are all grateful for what they did in saving my aunt. In the pass couple years, both my aunt and uncle have spent time in the hospital for medical emergencies. We are thankful for God seeing them through so we could enjoy this day with them.

We eat at the Open Flame Buffet & Grill in Marion. They had a lot of good country food on their bars. My aunt and uncle enjoyed their dinner out since they do not get to go out that often. My aunt used to go to the buffet often before she went to the hospital.

After we finished dinner, we went shopping at Wal~mart in Marion. The store is starting to look a little bare since they are going to open a new Wal~mart Supercenter this week. Reminds we when Hendersonville got its supercenter years ago. My aunt could not stop thanking me for the dinner and my mom and my sister for coming down to see her. When we got back to their house I took a picture of everyone. We left after a little more talking to get back up the mountain before it got too dark. My mom and sister enjoyed their trip and time to with my aunt and uncle.

My uncle, aunt, mom and sister Lisa

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