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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Family Bonding 2011

After four years, my brother Noel together his whole family came back to the Philippines to spent their short vacation and to celebrate the 18th birthday of my niece Kristine. It is a great joy for us to see each other after a long time, we miss each other so much and we thank God for the wonderful bonding moment we had though it was only for 2 weeks.

Kristine celebrated her 18th birthday last September 25, 2011 at Sulo Riviera Hotel. We're very happy to be a part of the celebration. I know that is her promise to my Mom before they leave and migrate to Australia, that she will come back to celebrate her 18 birthday in the Philippines. I'm sure Mom is happy though she's not around anymore.

It is nice to see each other. We had fun going out, eating together, and spent time talking with one another. Most of the time we went to SM City and Trinoma, they love going there to enjoy the mall and because they are having a hard time to adjust on the humid weather here. The kids really had a great time with their cousins Third and Chloe. Two weeks is not enough but they need to go back in Australia because of their work and school. We are longing for more bonding time soon but i guess it will take years again before it's going to happen.

Here are some of our pictures and I hope you enjoy viewing it.
Kristine's Debut

Bonding Moments

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