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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overtime and Pay Raise!

I have been busy this month with work and another project I am working on. We have been working a lot of overtime at work. The company I work for is changing warehouse out of the west coast. We are sending product to the western warehouse as they are moving into their new place. The word going around work is we will be on overtime at least until the end of the year. I also will be getting my nine month pay raise soon. It is six weeks late but I am not worried because the company will pay me back to my nine month date. I talked with my supervisor yesterday and he told me that the paperwork is turned in. He is just waiting for Human Resources to get the paperwork back to him. I guess the raise will be on this week's check or next week.

The other project I am working on is selling book online. This is my third week for selling books and I am doing good so far. I have only sold 10 books and made $11 so far. I am doing this to see how it works first hand. If the project works, I will use what I learn to start my own business. I will use the business to help we start my ministry I want to start to help improve the lives of people who are less fortunate then me. I will be written for of this project later and the business and the ministry as things get rolling on them.

Money from the overtime and the sale of the books will help with getting Jo Anne here to the United States. We are still waiting for word on her Visa. We hope to hear good news soon.

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